Watch: NEW GIRL, Schmidt Baby!

In this week’s episode of New Girl, CeCe thinks she may be pregnant with Schmidt’s baby, Jess is asked to watch Sarah (Russell’s daughter) and thinks that it’s a test to see if she can be a good mommy, Nick’s notion that he is dating a mature woman is crushed and Winston finds out that his gruff, outspoken boss has a weak spot.

Watch the clip below to find out what Jess and CeCe think a Schmidt Baby would entail, is a baby douchebag jar in order?

Though a baby is arguably the last thing that Schimdt and CeCe can handle right now, it was an interesting turn and I was kind of excited about the possibility.  I don’t think CeCe was too far off in her estimation of a Schmidt Baby.  What do you think a Schmidt Baby would be like?

Look out for my review/recap of tonight’s New Girl episode, Kids this week.

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Video courtesy of YouTube and Fox Broadcasting.

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