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Video Review: B.o.B.’s “So Good”

So far I’ve been picking videos to review using MTV’s “Big 10” lists. It’s a convenient way to see what the cool kids are into these days. Or what MTV wants the cool kids to be into these days? It isn’t clear how these videos become the “biggest.” In fact, I’ve never understood how countdown video shows rank their videos. Oh my god, you guys, I think it’s a conspiracy! Could it be that we don’t really like what we like; we’re just convinced songs and videos are “cool” and “big” and “10” based on the false perception that that’s what others think, and we subconsciously merge into that groupthink and adopt these feelings as our own? My whole life has been a lie!

I’m on to you manipulative a-holes.

Anyway! This week’s video breakdown and review is for B.o.B. (Bobby Ray Simmons, Jr. – true story: I just typed ‘Booby Ray’ and got sad it wasn’t true.) B.o.B., who I now have to refer to as ‘The Boobs’, brings us his song “So Good”, a catchy little pop-rap tune about things and their being so good.

So, The Boobs isn’t a great actor. Let’s check out a sample of his range.

Speculating with a cigar.

Interested in his girlfriend’s magazine.

Wondering where Egypt is.



Interested in his girlfriend trying on clothes.

Making a promise.

I’d trust him. Although, to be fair, the woman playing his girlfriend has a slightly more limited range.


Excited again.

Excited about a hat.

Excited about her boyfriend’s beer.

The video’s description boasts that it’s available in 3D, but I don’t see the point. Are we supposed to be jacked for the long hallway he’s singing in? Whoa! I can really feel the depth of that gnarly hallway! Are those black and white tiles?!

The song is about treating one’s lady to lavish vacays and, shall we assume, the impending booty such delights will give rise to. It was shot in Buenos Aires by Justin Francis but opens up with a shot of Paris, France. Aside from that confusion, the scenery is pretty and the wardrobe enticing, as I watch this on a cool, grey day. The expansive aerial shot, graffitied and colourful alleys, and glimpses of the required sight-seeing spots give a flavour for Buenos Aries (…which is sometimes Paris?)

Despite my japes, the video doesn’t exactly need authentic acting or any real story for such a fun and upbeat song. It’s cute and fine—and that’s about it. There’s a nice mix of shots of The Boobs rapping and of the destinations. But, for a song that opens with rhymes about Picasso and Gershwin, it’s lacking in the creative area. At least it’s a shade better than what other hip-hop artists are offering these days (I’m looking at you, Drake) because it’s attractive and at least it’s suitable for the song. Unfortunately, that only emphasizes how pleasantly mediocre the content is.


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