TV Recap: HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, “Trilogy Time”

Well it’s been a few weeks since you guys saw me here. Hope you missed me! Tonight, the return of How I Met Your Mother brought us “Trilogy Time”, which centered around our three favorite guys watching the Star Wars Trilogy as part of a tradition to do so every three years. Along the way, they compare how they think their lives will be like, as compared to how they actually turned out. Safe to say, they are drastically different, and the humor throughout the episode stems from that.

For the most part, the episode seemed repetitive and somewhat tedious.  They recycle the thread of Marshall wanting to be a mustache lawyer with his wife Lily always expecting a child, while Ted is having a successful career, and marrying Robin. For the most part, the first few flashbacks are boring and not too funny(though Ted’s hair in the first one is great). Once the flashbacks get to the time of the show’s actual airing, i.e. 2006 and on, it makes things a lot more interesting. We revisit the breakup of Marshall and Lily in one flashback,  while recalling Ted and Stella breaking up in another. It’s interesting at times, but overall rather boring.

When we flash to the present time, things change drastically with Barney. Up until now, his flashback has been the same, with him kicking out a one night stand, then busting out the good old “wasssssup” that was made famous in beer commercials of yesteryear.  But this time, he realizes that he doesn’t want that to he his 2015. In fact, he wants to be with Quinn, and proceeds to visit her to tell her how much she means to him.  It certainly looks like Quinn will be around for a while, which I’m still not crazy about, but am slowly opening up to.

Towards the end of the episode, we have an abrupt and rather shocking revelation. Upon realizing that his life has never reached its full potential, a negative Ted says that he will be a single, balding, TV-dinner eating  loser.  Marshall tells him otherwise, leading to a voice over of Bob Saget saying that his 2015 would indeed be great.  This leads to a scene in 2015, with Barney saying that he doesn’t like that Ted brought a chick to the movie viewing. While we assume its his wife, Ted brings out a little baby! WHATTTTTT!!

So what does this mean? Well it means that by 2014, Ted will not only have met his wife, but that she will be pregnant.  This leads me to believe that there has to be a huge break in the mother case by the end of the year. By the start of next season, time will be running out for him to meet this woman who he will be marrying and impregnating in two years time. At the moment, I still believe we haven’t met the mother, but who can really tell with this show!

What did you guys think of the episode? Were you shocked to see Ted with child in three years? Do you think we’ve met the mother?


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