TV Recap: America’s Best Dance Crew, “Madonna”

Flo Rida graced the stage last week, where we saw the second half of our crews battle it out in Season 7: Return of the Super Star. Funkdation ended up outlasting Mix’s Elements, a decision that surprised me. I thought Elements clearly won the battle, but the judges thought otherwise. Perhaps Elemens were too cocky for the judges.  Either way, 9 crews are set to take the stage. Let’s see what they have for us!

Oh snap: game changing announcement. 2 crews will be going home tonight, with the bottom 3 crews battling it out. This changes things up a bit. Mario announces three crews that will advance: Fanny Pak, Elektrolytes, and Mos Wanted Crew. I’m fine with all these three advancing.

Crew: Fanny Pak
Madonna Song: Girl Gone Wild
Background: The crew must dance in heels, and use “fierce elbow moves”, also known as wacking, in their choreography.  One of the members just worked with Madonna on her tour, so that gives them a nice insight. I’m interested to see how the guys fare in heels on the stage.
Routine: Well the heels didn’t seem to bother anyone. They incorporated a mirror throughout the performance, which wasn’t required, but was an interesting touch. Fanny Pak is know more for their interesting choreo rather then their high flying tricks, and this was another typical, but very solid Pak performance. Only one judge will comment, and J.C. opens it up. He says it was a great way to open the show, and highlights the wacking section. J.C. says it was dynamic, and a great start. I agree.

Crew: Elektrolytes
Madonna Song: Caught Up
Background: The crew is still without one member, who hurt his knee last week. At least this time around, they won’t have to change up their routine. They have an interesting challenge: to incorporate krump into a Madonna song. I’ll be interested to see how they pull this off.
Routine: I really like these guys. They do a great job of mixing high flying stunts with good choreography, but they also add in touches that make you laugh or make you think. There’s a great bit where one guy raises his jacket, and a guy hides behind, sliding his hat along.  They also had a great flip where one member used another’s chest as a spring board. And they did a great job of mixing krump in there as well. Loved this performance. Lil Mama said it started off alittle slow, but she loved the electricity.  She loved it, and said that Chris will be performing with his crew next week. He should add yet another element to this dynamic crew.

Crew: Mos Wanted Crew
Madonna Song: Four Minutes
Background: The crew is using popping in their routine, which is exciting, because I know a couple of their members are well known poppers. They have alot to live up to. Can they pull it off?
Routine: The members of thsiscrew have amazing body control. They make the slow motion movements seem so fluid and effortless. They also did a cool bit where their bodies were clocks. For the second week in a row, these guys killed it with the choreo, but I have a feeling they are still saving alot of their best stuff for down the road. D-Trix is the judge on this one, and he says that they “have to be on this show.” He says that they don’t need the crazy stunts to be great, and highlights a great bit where one member “activates” the rest of his members. These guys will be dangerous.

The next two safe crews are : 8 Flavahz and Rated Next Generation. Really? Neither tween group is in the bottom. I’m fine with 8 Flavahz since they killed it, but I was not impressed by RNG. They will need a huge performance this week to make me a believer. The final saved crew is Stepboys. This means that Funkdation, Irratik, and Collizion Crew are the bottom 3. Collizion Crew stands out easily in my mind. Hope they don’t go home.

Crew: 8 Flavahz
Madonna Song: Vogue
Background: It’s pretty crazy to think that this song came out before any of these girls were born.  They are going to have to dance above their age, as this is one of Madonna’s more advanced and mature songs. I’m not sure how well they will pull this off.
Routine: I got to give these girls credit. They impressed me again. They definitely dance older then they actually are. They pulled off some great stunts, while also dancing like mature women. Yeah, they killed it. Lil Mama is left speechless.  “W-E-R-K” is what she says.  She calls them women, and gives a shoutout to K.K, who did most of the advanced moves.

Crew: Rated Next Generation
Madonna Song: Human Nature
Background: Interesting choice here. This is one of her dirties videos, and I’ll be interested to see how they pull this off. They want to use thrashing in their performance. Yeah, this could be a disaster.
Routine: Ok this performance is a step up from last week, but one tween crew is enough for my likely, and 8 Flavahz kills these guys. I also didn’t notice a ton of thrashing in there, but maybe I missed it. J.C said it was clean and tight like last weeks, and he liked the thrashing bit. The guy was impressive, doing a lot of great slides.  He says they are up there with the great performances of the night. I don’t agree with that, but an improvement on their part is a good sign.

Crew: Fanboys
Madonna Song: Ray of Light
Background: This should be interesting. These guys love their jokes, and they are looking to use the fast forward and rewind effects used in the video. They realize they need to be more then funny, so they will have to clean up their moves to advance.
Routine: That was…interesting. I don’t really get the costumes. They are all dressed in onesies, playing on the fact that they are like babies. They have more choreo this week, in addition to their jokes, but I just don’t know what they were going with on this one. I liked these guys last week, not so much this week. D-Trix says that he likes the new choreo and them taking notes, and highlights the fish out of water.

The Final Battle

We have a first in ABDC, as three crews will be battling it out for just one spot. We have Collizion Crew, Irratik, and Funkdation. Based on their first performances, Collizion should have this in the bag, but crazier things have happened. They are up first.

Crew: Collizion Crew
Madonna Song: Don’t Tell Me
Background: HAHA their faces in the beginning are amazing. This is almost like a country song with the guitar in the background and the line dancing in the video, so this should be veryyyy interesting.
Routine: This is a tough song to dance to, but I think they do a good job of it. They mix the line dancing with some other fun stuff, some locking, good flips, and some funny gags. Overall, I think they did the best they could with what ultimately was a horrible draw. J.C. agreed they got the toughest song, but he liked how they made it their own.  He likes that they are using several styles, and acknowledges a great move.

Crew: Funkdation
Madonna Song: Gimme All Your Loving
Background: They want to put cheerleading stuff in, as the video has alot of that in it. The guys are struggling to pick it up, which is understandable.
Routine: Great opening flip to start the performance. They also had a great bit with steam coming out of their ears. I like this performance more then Collizion, but the song is soooo much better. This could be tough. Lil Mama loves their new costumes, and points out the great opening. She loves the new side of the crew.

Crew: Irratik
Madonna Song: Express Yourself
Background: These guys should kill this challenge in theory. They want to use jazz dancing in the performance. Interesting choice, but I’m curious to see how they pull it off.
Routine: There’s a funny bit where two members do push ups, with one hoisted above everyone else, but overall…ehh. D-Trix says its right up their alley, and loved the push ups part. He said it was technically great, and tells them to keep it up

If we are basing it just on tonight, I think Funkdation was the best. I’m hoping that the judges will realize how much Collizion got screwed on the song choice, and keep them around, but I’m not holding my breath.

And the safe crew is……Collizion Crew. It was the right choice. These guys are better then the other two. Plain and simple. They should get the best song next week.

What did you think of the final battle? Who’s your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments! Thanks for reading.


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