TV News: Eli Manning To Host SNL

In a weekend where I saw Cabin in the Woods, the 8-seeded Los Angeles Kings take a 3-0 series lead over the Vancouver Canucks, the best team in the NHL, and made not one but TWO pizzas for a potluck without burning the house down, this was the craziest thing:  Eli Manning will be hosting Saturday Night Live on May 5th, with musical guest Rihanna.  I think that on at least four of five occasions during the Giants magical playoff run last year, I said these exact words: “Never in a million years will Eli Manning host SNL.”

The reason why I said that so often was the fact that Eli was having a career year, and was poised to win his second super bowl, surpassing his older brother in that category, with much of his career still ahead. However, it will be nearly impossible for Eli to surpass his brother in the public’s eye for this very reason: Eli has the personality of a twig, where his brother clearly has a post retirement career in acting or commercials or something of that ilk. Well now, Eli has the chance to once again stand in the spotlight, yet poor Eli, all we will do is compare him to his brother yet again.

Peyton was lights out when he hosted SNL.  Everyone knew that he would be great. He had already starred in several commercials, and was ready to take on one of the biggest stages in all of live television, and he nailed it. How could you forget this classic bit, where Peyton works with kids at his local community. Get ready to laugh.



Thats just gold right there. He had a few great sketches that episode. He’s also had some other great stuff, like this bit for the ESPY’s. The point is, Eli has big shoes to fill, and I’m expecting this to be a crash and fail.  From what I’ve seen, Eli just doesn’t have the personality to kill it at SNL. But who knows.  Eli has been following in his brother’s footsteps his whole life, and on the field, he’s doing a great job of it. But the stage will be a whole new test. You have to figure that Peyton is going to make a cameo, so that is exciting, and look, the SNL writers are smart. They know they will have a challenge, so they will surely do their best to make Eli comfortable in whatever sketch they write. So I’m cautiously optimistic for this, and I’m praying for Eli that he is able to pull it off. If he can, he will silence even more critics, but I doubt he will shut all of them up.

What do you think of this news? Can Eli pull it off? Or will it be an epic fail in the vein of January Jones’ hosting gig? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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