THE WOMAN IN BLACK sequel is in works

A sequel to the ever so creepy and suspenseful The Woman in Black is in the works and the title will be The Woman in Black: Angels of Death.

Since it is currently in the early stages, there isn’t much news about it. The first draft will be done by Jon Crocker, who was a production assistant on the third and fourth films in the Harry Potter franchise and also worked on the Oscar nominated film The Iron Lady. 

This is what the synopsis of the film will be:

It will begin  forty years after the events of Hammer’s Woman in Black adaptation, focusing on a new couple and “the experience they have when they encounter the haunted setting of Eel Marsh House” and the vengeful spirit who stalks the decaying property.

I don’t want to get into spoilers, it stands to reason that none of the main cast members will be in it, but as the script develops there could be some surprises and such since it’s all supernatural, horror, and creepy. As soon as more news comes out about the film and who will star in it, i’ll be sure to let everyone know!

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