Seth MacFarlene’s First Feature Film TED Red Band Trailer

In Seth MacFarlene’s feature film debut, Ted, John (Mark Wahlberg) is a 27-year-old with a real life talking teddy bear aptly named Ted (voiced by Seth MacFarlene). Ted miraculously came to life after a childhood wish from John and has been around to keep things fun throughout John’s life. John has already met and fallen for Lori (Mila Kunis) but Ted still is crashing at their place. Their relationship has come to a crossroads where John must choose between staying with his girlfriend or staying with his obnoxiously crude childhood teddy bear.

This movie actually looks to have some potential. The trailer starts out looking like another dumb romantic comedy with John and Lori randomly meeting at a club but then enters Ted. We first see Ted helping John get through a thunderstorm with a funny song with such lyrics as “F**k you, thunder!” and “Thunder is just god’s farts.” Wahlberg actually looks like he may pull off a decent comedy. I really like that Seth MacFarlene is finally venturing into feature film and I wish him all the best. Let’s hope the comedic genius responsible for Family Guy can bring us the same type of laughs with his first film in Ted. Watch the Red Band trailer after the jump!


Check out the Ted poster:


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Source: EW

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