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NEW GIRL, Tomatoes – McMouse and Cheap Trick, What More Could You Ask For

In this episode, Jess finds passion still exists between Russell and Ouli, Nick tries his hand at growing fruit rather than attempting a fruitful relationship, Winston and Shelby are in L-U-V and Schmidt and CeCe come to an impasse.

New Girl, “Tomatoes” starts with Nick gathering all of the roommates and their significant others on the roof of their building to unveil his new project to help him swear off women, growing tomatoes. It is his attempt to start fresh, move forward in life in a positive way after his old girlfriend, Caroline broke his heart a year prior.  This is all very un-Nick.  We find Winston and Shelby are disgustingly in love.  Things are still awkward between Schmidt and CeCe after the almost Schmidt baby. Nick professes to everyone that Jess is dating a man that he could see himself growing old with.  After Nick inadvertently crushes his tomato plant with the watering can everyone is over it.  Laugh out loud moment number one: Nick then attempts a mid-air freeze frame moment which fails terribly as he can’t actually freeze in the air while jumping up.

Schmidt shows up at CeCe’s place, but initially runs in to Nadia, her Russian roommate who tells CeCe the Jewish is there for sex and that she wants to punch, punch, punch his pretty face.  CeCe tells Schmidt that she thinks they should stop seeing one another, Nadia claims him immediately.  I realized Schmidt was in over his head with Nadia when she said she wanted to dress him up in a black shawl and “pretend he’s grandma”.

Jess shares a weird moment with the guys that occurred between she and Ouli (Russell’s ex) at the gym.  Jess ran into her in the sauna and got a naked hug, which was super awkward.  Jess got so nervous about the whole situation that she asked Ouli to join her and Russell for dinner.  When all the roommates voice their opinion regarding how bad an idea this is, Jess reassures them with a memory that we are privy to, laugh out loud moment number two: cut to an image of Jess as a little girl singing Cheap Trick’s “Surrender” and tap dancing to lighten the mood between her fighting parents.

Almost immediately after Ouli shows up the downward spiral begins.  Russell rolls his eyes, or as he puts it, he needed to quickly stare at the ceiling.  There is an awkward pause before the fireworks really start in reference to a vacation they took in the past.  Jess resorts to the old method of breaking up fights and reverts to dancing and singing “Surrender” again.

Back in the apartment CeCe tells Schmidt that Nadia is looking forward to their date with a few backhanded comments.  Laugh out loud moment number three: Schmidt’s response to that is”what are we at Santa’s family reunion?  ‘Cause the Clauses are coming out.”  Get it, the claws…it was such a bad joke that I couldn’t help but love it.  Nadia makes a great David Fincher reference when talking about things she likes, or rather, reciting a list of things she likes about America.  She also adds to this list that she likes ice skating for fun rather than for survival.

Nick tries to keep his plants from being eaten by birds buy putting up a scarecrow while Winston continues to drive him crazy with Shelby talk.  Shelby likes cats, you know likes birds? – Shelby, and then the kicker, Winston asks Nick to keep the noise down because it is interfering with his and Shelby’s love making.  Nick lets Winston have it on how tired he is of hearing about Shelby.  He says he used to be Winston’s Shelby.  Nick then suddenly turns into a grumpy old farmer and chases Winston off his “farm” with a pitchfork.  To quote Seth Meyers, Really? Who has a pitchfork?  I live in Texas and don’t come across many a pitchfork, I doubt they are that prevalent in the City.  Also, not a tool that is necessary to grow tomatoes.  Nick follows this up by beating up the scarecrow and throwing it in the trash.  To which Winston provides laugh out loud moment number four: “What is this, Martin Scorsese’s The Wizard of Oz?”  Nick is giving up so Winston gives him a pep-talk, he’s always the voice of reason and helps Nick through his loneliness.

Jess decides to track down Ouli at the gym to feel her out after the heat between she and Russell at dinner.  Ouli tries to reassure her there is nothing there, but her impassioned speech about Russell in which she referenced being naked and on fire in a perfect storm didn’t quite do the job.  Jess tries to force some angry passion between herself and Russell but comes off creepy, irritating and a little desperate.  Russell explains that he doesn’t need all the fighting and craziness anymore.  Then the most painful moment of this episode came about with Russell’s proclamation that “passion is overrated”.  I felt it as much as Jess did and inwardly cringed at the implications of these words.  Jess ends things with Russell because she wants passion “even if it’s harder and it hurts” and Russell is clearly over passion.

Nadia and Schmidt’s date is odd, conversation is difficult as proven by a very odd exchange between the two in which Nadia continually mentions liking McMouse, which Schimdt eventually figures out is Mickey Mouse, but not without a lot of yelling.  CeCe finds Nadia at home sans Schmidt.  Nadia tells her she left Schmidt at the hospital, that he was crying and crying, and that it was funny.  CeCe bolts for the hospital and finds Schmidt laid up with an icepack on his crotch, as realization slowly sets in, she asks what happened and he tells her that he broke his penis….and that leads to laugh out loud moment number five: Nadia’s vagina may have a 90 degree angle.  When CeCe is upset that he slept with Nadia, Schmidt is finally let in on the secret that we have all been privy to; CeCe actually likes him.  As they share a celebratory moment, Schmidt’s ‘excitement’ starts causing him intense pain, which he describes as his penis having a heart attack.  In order to keep himself out of pain, he has to ask CeCe to leave and tells her to find a nurse to come help him with what he describes as a battered highway cone.

Jess catches Nick with his ex, Caroline, the one who is the cause of all of this tomato mess.  Jess is terribly disappointed in him as I’m sure many viewers were.  We are all stuck on the idea that they will get together, it’s their own Ross and Rachel situation, and felt this might have at least been the start of something between them.  In a very juvenile way, it was something of a start for them.  The passion was definitely there in the argument the two had about Caroline being there and Nick not living up to his potential, the pair came thisclose to kissing, but the writers saw fit to tease us to the point of almost falling out of our seats waiting for it to happen.  The peak of the argument occurred when Jess tells Nick to stop making “that face” at her and his retort is, (cue laugh out loud moment number six) “This is my only face, I don’t have any other faces…if you don’t like looking at my face, look at my ass”.    Thus began the longest ass-shaking battle, nay, the only ass-shaking battle I have ever seen.

The entire closing scene was a bunch of little laugh out loud moments strung together.  Winston is being a good friend and glues a small tomato to Nick’s tomato plant so he will think he succeeded.  When Schmidt questions Nick believing this, Winston assures him if anyone would believe it, it’s Nick.  He then succumbs to temptation and starts giving Schmidt visuals that will work to excite him and of course, cause him pain; boobies, models eating sliders, Burnadette Peters on a high beam and oddly enough, freshly baked bread.  Evil, evil Winston.  But we all enjoy seeing Schmidt in a little bit of pain every now and then.

New Girl has hit it’s stride and is ending the season strong.  Kudos to Liz Meriwether and crew on a great run and on really pulling this show and all it’s story lines together.  I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the season finale and I really look forward to the surprises in store for next season.

What was your favorite laugh out loud moment?

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