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NEW GIRL – Secrets Episode Full of TMI and Laughs

In this episode Jess finds lies are easier to handle than the truth sometimes, Nick gets douchebag lessons from Schmidt and Winston reaches his limit with his roommates.

Thank you Elizabeth Meriwether and crew!  I have a new favorite episode of New Girl!  Secrets was witty and engaging.  It used every character to their fullest potential.  The comedic timing, quality and quantity were all perfect!  Sorry for all the exclamations points, but I am so excited this show has finally become what I always knew it could be.  New Girl has great writers and a fantastic cast, but something has just been missing.  My theory is that in introducing the characters as new to one another, while we were getting to know them and they were getting to know one another, the writers were still getting to know them as well.  This led to underdeveloped characters and thin story lines with delayed comedic hits.  I don’t know what’s happened in the past few weeks, but there has been a major and definite shift in story and character development.  We aren’t being subjected to short, choppy stories, but developing arcs in which we can become invested.

One of the changes I noticed was that in contrast to the original description of a group of roommates in their late twenties, all of the characters have made a point of mentioning their age as thirty-ish in the past two episodes.  I think pushing the age up just a bit really did make a difference in finding the identity of these characters, none of them ever felt like twenty-somethings to me.  I’m happy to see Winston being used more, Lamorne Morris helps guide the comedic moments to their peak.  Jake M. Johnson as Nick in this episode demonstrated some very impressive comedic chops and added a little ick factor to his character.  Schmidt is growing up a bit with CeCe as his love interest, he has to mature to keep her and she has to admit at some point that she is falling for him.  Jess, though maybe a bit naive with regard to wanting everyone to tell the truth all the time, isn’t too toddlerish in Secrets, just a girl who got her feelings hurt, which is very relateable.

The episode opens with Jess stopping by CeCe’s place to pick her up for a run.  CeCe is flitting around the house making excuses for why she can’t go running with Jess, it seems a little suspicious.  Once Jess leaves we find Scmidt was hiding in the couch with the help of two of CeCe’s model friends.  One of the friends, Nadia, starts chanting “Jew in the couch” over and over again in an Eastern European accent while bouncing up and down exuberantly while CeCe chastises her for not using her “American manners”, and this gave me my first laugh of the night.  It sounds childish and the joke definitely doesn’t translate well in print, but if you watched the episode, you know what I’m talking about.  I was looking forward to the episode after the opener because I’m not usually hit with a good joke that early.  It gave me hope.

We find Winston and Nick alone in the loft and Winston has a shell-shocked look to him.  Nick quickly realizes that Winston has a secret that he isn’t supposed to tell and tries to remove himself from the situation, but it’s too late.  Winston has to tell someone about what he witnessed between Schmidt and CeCe in Mexico and spills the information to Nick, practically vomiting it all over him.  Nick has a very immediate, very physical reaction to the news that CeCe and Schmidt are, in fact, sleeping together.  Nick also responds to the news with “This makes me hate things.”, and Winston still thinks the world is upside down repeating “Up is down”.  The physical comedy here was awesome.  Nick is notorious for not being able to keep a secret because his back starts sweating profusely.  Jess is the only one unaware of CeCe and Schimdt at this point and once she sees the icky sweat pool mark on the back of Nick’s shirt, she quickly breaks him and discovers the big secret. Schmidt walks in simultaneous to Jess getting the news and though he apologizes to Jess, he quickly reverts back to the Schmidt we all know (and may or may not love) to say “I’m having Indian every night”, at which time Jess chases him down the hallway, raving mad.

Jess is hurt that CeCe didn’t share the information with her.  In the midst of her questioning of the two lovebirds, Winston points out that Jess starts to sound like a Native American when she gets angry.  At one point in the episode when CeCe is trying to make up with Jess, Jess runs from her in an odd, very short cat and mouse game that ends with Jess shutting herself in the back of a moving truck.   CeCe ultimately tells Jess the truth about every lie she has ever told her and hurts her feelings even more.

Nick is having trouble getting rid of his one-night stands and we finally find something Schmidt truly is the master at.  Nick asks Schmidt to teach him how to be a douchebag.  The lesson is SSV keeping things Short, Simple and Vague.  Schmidt demonstrates what a bad liar Nick is by posing the question “why haven’t you called me?”, to which Nick answers, “Jesus stole my phone.”  Jess decides to make sure everyone is telling the truth by outing everyone’s lies.  During the course of this conversation she finds out that all her roommates have thought of her while pleasuring themselves or having a dirty dream.  Jess quickly reverses her honesty request to try and erase/unhear what she found out.  In order to keep everyone from fantasizing about her she puts on her winter clothes, including a ski mask, around the loft.

After Nick is caught by one of his conquests with another girl, a fight breaks out in the loft.  Jess and CeCe start yelling at one another and Nick’s guests fight over a scarf.  Winston is awoken and he really puts his foot down.  He berates everyone for fighting and reminds them all that it is Saturday and Saturdays are for sleeping, which they are ruining for him.  In order to put an end to everything and get both of Nick’s girls out of the loft, Winston pretends he and Nick do naughty things together when no girls are around and gets very dramatic about kicking the women out.  The conclusion of his tirade includes calling Jess out on thinking about the roommates when she is intimately involved with herself as well and telling everyone to leave because he is having cereal.

Jess and CeCe race one another at the charity run and lose sight of what they are there for.  Jess realizes CeCe actually likes Schmidt when he tells her CeCe thought his “See CeCe Run” shirt was funny.  CeCe is still is some sort of denial about it and tries to avoid admitting it to Jess.  The two friends make up over this secret.  Nick sees two girls he has hooked up with running together and he takes Schmidt’s lesson to heart.  He lies to both women, who are roommates and they both buy it and run off.  I call bullshit.  I understand the commentary on the lame crap girls will fall for, but not when another woman is involved and standing right next to them.  Schmidt is proud, which is indicated by his pants getting tighter…ick.  Nick says he hates himself as much as he hates Schmidt now, thought it’s hard to imagine he could be any more self-loathing than he already is.  In the end, Jess makes it across the finish line after dark with CeCe dragging her and a time of 30.306.

The episode ends on a new format as well, with Winston asking CeCe to please explain why she is with Schmidt.  He is convince she is either a government agent or being held against her will.  We are left with Winston asking CeCe about Schmidts “size”.  What a note to end on.  At least it wasn’t the only laugh this time.  The jokes had meat and momentum, as did the storyline.  I am so happy this show is finally coming into it’s own and I can start truly enjoying it!

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