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New Girl – FANCYMAN Part Deux

In this episode Jess and Russell try to find their groove, Winston figures out how he really feels about
Shelby, Schmidt turns the tables on CeCe, and Nick parties like it’s 1999 with Dirk (guest Martin Starr).

After a SXSW induced hiatus, I am back and ready to give you my latest recap and review of New Girl!  I actually kind of missed the show, and of course Elizabeth Meriwether and crew waited for my absence to start really pulling things together.  I won’t regale you with too much of my thoughts on the last few episodes, suffice to say things seem to be going better for the storyline of the show.  The character development has some momentum and all of the cast (Yay Lamorne!) has their own story to tell.

We pick up this week where we left off last week in Fancyman Part 1 with Jess dating Russell (Dermot Mulroney), the wealthy father of one of her students  The episode actually opens with Martin Starr of Party Down (if you haven’t already, you must see that show!) as Dirk, using the toilet in front of Jess, who is mortified at seeing his butt.  After that incident and a slew of potty jokes, Jess tells the guys that she had a very awkward moment with Russell at the end of their first date, which led into my first favorite quote of the episode.  Jess is referring to young guys wanting to skip the date and go straight for the ‘gold’…”I don’t give it (the gold) to them…unless they dig for it.”  Then she is left with a hug and, to add insult to injury, a pat on the back from Russell.

Winston finally has his own storyline as his relationship with Shelby is deepens.  Shelby is going away to Mexico for a bachelorette party for the weekend.  As Winston helps Shelby pack her bags in Schmidt’s care, he says that it’s good she is leaving for a bit because since they have been spending so much time together, and they could probably use a little space.  It’s a mistake that seems so innocent when you’re watching it on the show, but as women we all know we would react the same way Shelby did, which was, of course, not favorably.  You can hear the tires squeal to a stop in your head as soon as he goes there.  Once Shelby leaves, Winston gets really paranoid about what might happen while she’s gone since the didn’t leave things on a good note.  When Dirk convinces him that ‘space’ translates into ‘sleeping with other people in Mexico’, Winston snags Schmidt’s car and decides to drive to Mexico.

CeCe shows up and to get Dirk off her scent she lets him know she is seeing someone.  She goes on to say she is the boss in her relationship, with Schmidt sitting there listening to her go on and on about it, ending by saying Schmidt is her ‘sex’cretary.  This obviously gets to Schmidt and he turns her down when she comes to his room for a quicky.  His resolve is so strong that not even CeCe’s display of Harold and Kumar (Schmidt’s name for her breasts), can sway him.  I was proud of Schmidt for standing up for himself.  He has grown on me and I’ve really hated watching him let CeCe walk all over him.  It was fun seeing her squirm for once.  Later in the episode she makes another attempt to seduce Schmidt as her own misguided version of a ‘sex’cretary.   When CeCe tells him she will do anything, Schmidt suggests fantasy location number three, which happens to be his car…the one Winston takes to Mexico with the two of them still in the back.

Nick spends the episode with Dirk.  For some inexplicable reason Nick idolizes the guy.  Dirk is a really just a douchey renaissance man.  He is also a professor at a college.  Nick and Winston visit him at the school to see one of his lectures and learn of Dirk’s appeal to college girls.  Dirk kicks off the next few hours of his and Nick’s night with my second favorite quote of the night…”When’s the last time you had mono?  Tomorrow you’re going to say yesterday.”  Red flag going up?  No such luck, Nick throws a party at the house for the college kids and quickly realizes his appeal to college girls when one of them finds out he’s a bartender and can get her drunk.  He almost seems to take a few steps backward with his admiration of Dirk and his acceptance that his appeal lies with college girls as opposed to grown up women.  During the course of the party Nick gets royally wasted, possibly due to what all this may say about his life?

CeCe convinces Jess that she needs to be a big girl, or rather a decisive woman now that she is dating a grown man and  that she should call Russell to set up a second date.  Jess does so and the second date doesn’t turn out any better than the first.  In fact, just as Jess stops ranting about prostate exams and aging and finally asks him why he didn’t kiss her at the first date, he has to take off suddenly.  He throws money down on the table, comes back presumably to kiss Jess  but instead gives her cab fair.  Later, Jess comes home to Nick’s party and is brokenhearted at the way the date went.  Nick tells her how great college girls are because they don’t think it’s a bad thing he’s a thirty year old bartender and that they don’t know even know what Saved By the Bell is, which definitely was a sad realization for me.  Jess tells drunk Nick and his college girlfriend for the evening how miserable she is in an endearingly annoying sorority girl version of pouring her heart out.  After deciding thirty royally sucks, Jess takes a page from Nick’s book and decides to join the party…hard.  As she is sitting on some random guy’s shoulders in the middle of sea of young’uns that shouldn’t even be in the apartment, Jess sees Russell wading through the crowd.  He watches her run to hide and then offers to take her away from the party.

While I’m sure Russell intended only to take Jess from the party, he ends up with a car full of drunks including Jess, Nick, Dirk and at least one drunk college girl.  Trying to have a quiet moment together in this setting proves quite a challenge for Jess and Russell.  Somewhere along the ride, Nick has to bail to puke and the age difference between himself and his cohorts for the evening becomes even more obvious.  I don’t know if it is that we forget or are in denial or what, but inevitably once one hits thirty, painfully we force ourselves to realize we aren’t 21 anymore by trying to keep up with those that are.  Nick’s stumbling, bumbling approach to the woods makes it obvious this is his thirty-somethng moment.  In a small window of clarity he does let Russell know that Jess is “one of the good ones”.  Russell and Jess finally have their own moment in which Russell confesses he hasn’t dated in twenty plus years and is just nervous.  Cue the first kiss.

Back in Schmidt’s relatively crowded car, Winston gets a phone call from Shelby saying that everything is okay and she actually went back to his apartment because she wanted to be with him.  By this time Winston has made it to Mexico and has to turn to go back across the border.  When he is going through border security a guard alerts him to the pair of stowaways in the back of the car.  Schmidt and CeCe hid all the way to Mexico in the hopes that no one would find out they are seeing one another and ruin what they have.  While it’s cute that they are getting closer and each is caring more about the other, hiding their relationship just doesn’t seem to be the way to validate that it exists and smacks of CeCe just not wanting anyone to know.  Winston reacts with a total break with reality contesting that if someone like CeCe is seeing someone like Schmidt, then the world has gone upside down.

The episode closes with poor drunk Nick certain that Russell and Jess have left him out in the middle of the woods as he is so wasted that he can’t even turn around to see the car is right behind him and he is not, in fact in the middle of nowhere.  Hopefully he finds his way back to the car by next Tuesday.

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