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American Reunion was absolutely hilarious, which was surprising since the past movies were just mediocre.  This outing was strides ahead of the past two films in the franchise.  I don’t think the theater stopped laughing at the childish, vulgar humor that these movies are famous for.  The entire orignal cast is back, but Stifler (Sean William Scott) really steals the show in this one.  Stifler is best known for these films and is more than likely the favorite, but he is absolutely gut-wrenching in this one.  He is more outrageous than ever, which makes for some great moments and lines.

The film follows Jim, Oz, Finch, Kevin, and Stifler and what their lives have been like since Jim’s wedding.  The first part of the movie gives a bit of a backstory of their lives in present day.  The main plot of the movie is the 10 year high school reunion party that they all attend.  I really enjoyed the way the plot was put together and the way they kept you laughing throughout the more non-humorous and heartfelt moments.  They do a great job of showing how long it’s been since the first movie, such as jokes about cell phones and how they didnt have them in the 90s and things like that.

I went into the screening thinking it was going to be mediocre at best and left repeating line after line of jokes from the film.  Some of the acting is pretty ghastly from Tara Reid and Thomas Ian Nichols, who plays Kevin, but it’s very easy to get past that and enjoy a very funny film.  My MVP award goes to Stifler for making me and the entire theater cry laughing throughout this movie.  Some of the most outrageous moments of these films have come from him, but he steals this entire movie.  It was really awesome to relate to these guys in this film with growing up and seeing your friends grow up and move on with their lives.  Anyone who has been a fan of the first film and maybe the other two will absolutely love this one. Jim’s dad and Stifler’s mom are hilarious as well and a few curveballs are thrown in this movie that will have you in tears.

American Reunion stars Jason Biggs, Sean William Scott, Eguene Levy, and Alyson Hannigan and it hits theaters on April 6.

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