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Lists and That: Top Five Stress Reducing Games

With summer just around the corner, most students like myself have been hard at work finishing up final papers and gearing up for exams. So as stress builds gamer’s need a way to properly de-stress, to help with this I present the top five games to blow off steam to.

Number 5:

Left 4 Dead 2: The Left for Dead series has for me always been one of the best zombie shooters out there. Some may argue that perhaps Dead Rising should take this spot, but the timer and the missions make it less about zombie deaths and more about story. Plus, nothing will be the straight out fun than throwing L4D on easy and going nuts with a shotgun. A minor suggestion though, would be to play the game solo, as most often the people inhabiting the easy mode lobbies are quite the opposite from stress removers.


Number 4:

Red Faction Guerrilla: The reason I pick the second installment of this trilogy is simply because of the hammer (pictured above). While all the destruction elements are present in all three games, nowhere does it feel more natural than in Guerrilla. The Ostrich Hammer seamlessly tears through walls and vehicles alike as you giggle and imagine the joys of taking the hammer to your next exam room.


Number 3:

Super Mario Bros.: While explosions and murder work great to help de-stress the average person, sometimes we all need a few small victories. That’s what makes the first Mario game for the Nintendo Entertainment System so great. It’s old enough that it’s nearly impossible not to find it free to play somewhere, and easy enough that for most gamer’s the whole experience is nothing more than muscle memory. As well as each time that flag rises and those fireworks go off, your self-esteem begins to repair itself a little bit at a time.


Number 2:

Pokemon Snap: How about we all take a break from life, and instead just sit back and float down a river taking pictures. The calming music of this Nintendo 64 title, mixed with the challenge of snapping that perfect picture of Pikachu is enough to take anyone’s mind of their troubles; And if laying low and taking pictures of your favorite Pokemon isn’t working you could always wipe apples at the nearest Meowth until you feel a smile creep across your face.


Number 1:

Grand Theft Auto/Saint’s Row: I didn’t want to pick just one of these two titles, as they are both great and in the end it’s really personal preference. However, both games do include enough car chases, explosions, and side quests to keep you busy and stress free until next September because hey, who needs sunlight. If I had to choose, I would have to pick Saints The Third. There’s just something relaxing about running around dressed up like a mascot and smashing people with a giant purple sex toy.

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