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I mean….is there any movie in 2012 to get more excited for then Avengers? You have the combination of super hero personalities from several major movies over the last few years. Everyone from Iron Man to The Hulk, and others like Thor, Captain America, and Hawkeye. You combine all of that, and place the cherry on top with geeky/sci fi god Joss Whedon directing it all, and you have what in essence sounds like the perfect action, comic book movie ever made. We got our first look at the movie during the Super Bowl, and today, the second trailer was released. You can watch it below.




The thing that I’m happiest about with this trailer is the fact that they show the heroes having conflict at first. It would be unreasonable to assume that Iron Man and Thor would get along peacefully, given the egos of all of the super hero personalities. I was worried they would want to jump right into the action and forget about this, so that makes me really happy. But that’s not the point of the trailer. The point is to show you the action, and that it certainly does. You see the montage of each hero doing their thing, then the shot of all of them standing tall together, as Iron Man leads in teh god knows what that is snake monster is. The only negative thought I have on the trailer is the music choice. Its too “Inception” for me, but the music does its purpose, heightening the tension while being in the background.

This movie is going to be amazing. You better start looking for your tickets, as this movie comes out May 4th, and it figures to sell out for days.  Here’s hoping it lives up to its potential, and goes down in history as one of the best action movies ever made.

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