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TV Recap: ARCHER, “Skin Game”

After a more serious episode last week, Archer brought back the sheer insanity along with Sterling’s dead fiance, Katya.

Krieger had a surprise for Archer which could have been anything knowing Kreiger, but it turned out to be Katya. After Barry threw her off of the roof during her and Sterling’s wedding, Kreiger took the body and turned her into a cyborg. The rest of the episode focused on Sterling coming to terms with being in love with the reanimated Katya while trying to convince his mother to hire her as an ISIS agent. Speaking of Malory, a big chunk of “Skin Game” shined a spotlight on the extremely co-dependent and unhealthy relationship between her and her son. Before Archer and Katya could tie the knot, Barry once again crashed the nuptials which led to a robot vs. robot smackdown between him and Katya, which in turn led to robot on robot loving. While knocking Barry around, Katya realized that they’re soul mates due to the fact that they’re both cyborgs and that she cannot be with Archer, so they rode off into the sunset Graduate style.

Unlike “Crossing Over,” not a lot happened during “Skin Game” in terms of plot or story development, and it was more of an excuse to make some really random sex jokes, but luckily pretty much all of them landed. Plus, we did get more insight on Archer’s mother issues, but they all took a backseat to the wholly inappropriate yet hysterical one-liners. The riff on standard sci-fi tropes was also worth a few laughs.

Lines of the Night:

  • Krieger: “I live in a transitional neighborhood.”
    Archer: “As the crack dealers move to nicer ones?”
  •  “I hate surprises. I mean, except surprise fellatio. That I like, the non Midnight Cowboy kind.”
  • “Yeah man, flick her titty.”
  • Archer: “Krieger, thank you! Why do you have an erection?”
    Krieger: “I’m happy.”
  • Pam: “Wait, does this mean you and me…”
    Archer: “Pam!”
  • “So, RoboCop? Pro or con?”
  • Katya: “Does she hate what I am?”
    Archer: “What you are? Meaning the one woman who can free her child from the psychological prison she spent a lifetime erecting?”
  • Archer: “Mother, you came?”
    Pam: “Phrasing, boom! Inappropriate.”

So, while a ton of stuff did not happen (at least nothing of importance) during “Skin Game,” it was still a pretty entertaining episode because it had everything I look for from an episode of Archer. What did everyone else think of “Skin Game?”

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