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THE SITTER on DVD Giveaway: The Best Movies Spanning Just 24 Hours

Jonah Hill Takes You Where No Babysitting Movie Has Gone Before in the Outrageously Raunchy and “Totally Irresponsible” Edition – Arriving on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download March 20th. Enter to win the DVD here! 

What A Difference A Day Makes!

The Sitter packs loads of action into a mere 24-hour time span, and while that seems nearly impossible, this film is not the first to attempt such a feat. In honor of its release, we’re recounting our favorite flicks to span just 24 hours.  Check out these 24-hour classics! Be sure you read to the end to figure out how to enter to win The Sitter on DVD!




The Sitter’s star, Jonah Hill, also stars in this comedy penned by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg when they were just 15 years old.  It’s two weeks before high school graduation for Evan (Michael Cera) and Seth (Hill) and they have snagged invites to the party of the year. In attendance will be the objects of the boys affections and they hope a little alcoholic lubrication will get them in their good graces. But two inept police officers (Rogen and Bill Hader) complicate matters, making everything twice as hard for the nerdy, lustful duo.

Dazed and Confused 


The date is May 28, 1976, and it’s the last day of school in the suburbs of Austin, Texas. For the incoming freshman, this means caution while the new reigning seniors giddily hunt them down for ritual hazing activities like tortuous spankings and rolling around on the hot pavement whilst being decorated with condiments. For others it means parties, romance, defying parents, rebelling against the high school regime. It is possibly the best night of their young lives with friends they will never forget.


Escape From New York


In 1997, crime in the United States has increased 400% and Manhattan has been turned into one giant maximum security prison. Surrounded by a 50 foot-tall containment wall and mines on all bridges and patrolled waterways, nobody is allowed in the prison, not even guards.  But when the President’s flight crashes into Manhattan, a convicted bank robber, portrayed by mullet-era Kurt Russell, is sent in for a rescue. All in a day’s work!


Wet Hot American Summer



Before he was the “Sexiest Man Alive,” Bradley Cooper was part of a wet hot ensemble that also included Janeane GarofaloDavid Hyde PierceMichael Showalter, Marguerite MoreauPaul RuddMolly ShannonChristopher MeloniElizabeth BanksMichael Ian Black, Amy PoehlerZak Orth and A.D. Miles. The movie, which takes place in 1981 on the last day of camp for Camp Firewood, has everyone scrambling to find a hot summer send-off kiss by midnight!


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off


 Perhaps the quintessential movie about a single, memorable day. Who could forget a day filled with – among other things – deceiving mom and day, stealing a Ferrari, impersonating a mogul, a five-star meal, performing in a parade, a baseball game, a marriage proposal and making out with a young Charlie Sheen in a police station. No one does 24 hours like writer/director John Hughes who also gave us a day in the life of The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles.

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