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SXSW 2012: Casey’s Day 4 Recap

My day four at SXSW felt like a slower day to me for some reason. I saw a documentary, the premier of a new HBO show, and then a film I was excited to see again. The day definitely ended on a positive note with some of my favorite memories of my experience at SXSW 2012.

Lost and Sound.

This is a documentary about three people who are deaf in some sort of way. One little girl went deaf very young but now is a great musician and is still coping with her disability. Another college aged girl has been deaf all her life has gone to school for dance against all odds. A man who’s job is to review music, has gone completely deaf in one ear, ruining the enjoyment of listening to music to its’ fullest extent. The documentary follows each subject throughout a few struggles in their lives all the while telling their story of being a deaf person. The film as a whole is pretty powerful because we get to see these three individuals deal with their loss of hearing and still lead relatively normal lives.


Girls is a new show from HBO created, written, directed, and starring Lena Dunham with Judd Apatow also producing. The cast and producers were on hand to show us the first three episodes in the new series coming to HBO April 15, 2012. The show is quite funny and very charming. I don’t know if that is enough to win me over as a regular viewer, however. While I enjoyed the episodes I saw, there seemed to be something missing that would make me want to watch the show again. I am sure this show will go over well with its’ intended demographic and outside the demographic as well.

21 Jump Street.

This was the second time I was able to view this film but this time it was special. Most of the cast, the writers, and the directors were in the audience to enjoy the film with the crowd. They told us that this was the first time the cast would be seeing the film with an audience, which was quite awesome if I do say so myself. I was smart and figured out the first day of the festival where in the auditorium the celebrities sit for the screenings of their films. Knowing this information, as soon as I got into the auditorium I got a seat across the isle from where Jonah Hill and his guests would be sitting. The row in front of him was reserved for Dave Franco and his guests, the row behind Jonah Hill for Channing Tatum and his guests, and then Rob Riggle and his guests behind him. Needless to say, I was withing fist bumping distance from the majority of the cast of 21 Jump Street. This film is outrageously funny! I laughed even  harder just hearing the cast laughing at the film. You know it has to be funny if the cast is cracking up the entire movie, too. I highly recommend seeing 21 Jump Street, it’s an all around great time!

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