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SXSW 2012: Casey’s Day 3 Recap

Day three of SXSW 2012 came and went. Heck, the whole film festival portion of SXSW went by incredibly fast. On my third day there, I saw three films (which turns out to be the regular amount per day that I saw).


This Irish film is about six teenagers that break into a home in the upper class section of an Irish city and wreck havoc. Throughout the night many a revelation occur revealing truths about the six teenagers. This was a very obscure and odd film to watch especially alone. I watched this is the press screening room to begin my day instead of with a live audience. I’m not sure the experience would have been much different but non-the-less, I still found this film different. Out of all fifteen films I saw this year at SXSW, this has to be the weirdest. It had some cool aesthetics to it but the story was very erratic and all over the place.

The Do-Deca-Pentathlon.

Two brothers on semi speaking terms head home for a weekend with the family only to reignite an old childhood game, the do-deca-pentathlon. The do-deca-pentathlon is a series of events held in order to lay claim to the best of the two brothers. This go around, the two now adult brothers must participate in their final do-deca-pentathlon in secret from their family in order to keep the peace. This is a Duplass brothers film that I thoroughly enjoyed! They made this film before the made Cyrus and Jeff, Who Lives At Home but are just now able to release the film. This film may not have any big names unlike Cyrus and Jeff, Who Lives At Home but Jay and Mark Duplass still make an incredible film. I found myself laughing quite often and relating to both characters being one of five children myself. If you get a chance to check this film out, I highly recommend it!

The Raid: Redemption.

I couldn’t for the life of me tell you a direct plot line to this film other than a guy has to get down approximately fifteen floors of a building by fighting his way down to make it out alive. Seriously, that’s the only plot I caught on to due to the massive amounts of action in this film. In my eyes, that is in no way a bad thing. That only means that I will be seeing The Raid: Redemption again very soon. When I say ‘massive amounts of action,’ I mean massive amount of action! The fight scenes conducted in this film are unlike any other I have ever seen on film. I honestly cannot wait to see this film again! If you are any fan of action, you HAVE to see this film. Some people aren’t a fan of subtitles but trust me, this film has the very minimum in terms of subtitles. The Raid: Redemption is the best action/fight movie I have seen in a very long time!

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