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Soundtrack Review: CASA DE MI PADRE

It amazes me how polarizing Will Ferrell has become over the years: people either love his work or loathe it. I happen to be one of those who love him, from his serious efforts like Stranger than Fiction, to his most humorous roles like Step Brothers (which I still constantly quote) or Anchorman.

The comedy Casa de Mi Padre looks very promising: Ferrell is inserted into a Mexican Melodrama, speaking in Spanish, while you can tell he just doesn’t belong. If you are of Latin descendence like I am, you are familiar with the source material for this production, and Ferrell’s accent just stands out even more, making it more hilarious.

The soundtrack for this film has one track from Christina Aguilera (titled like the film), and is also in Spanish, and given that she isn’t a native speaker either and you get an “accent.” With that, it feels like an adequate choice due to the tone of the film.

If you thought Ferrell in the trailer sounded funny speaking Spanish, you’ll love to hear him sing it, in tracks like “Fight For Love”, and “Yo No Se”, which you can listen to below to get an idea of the tone of the film.

The biggest surprise to me was the instrumental score by Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau. Instead of mocking the genre, they fully embrace it and have some amazing songs that sound incredible genuine to old school Mexican and Latin films. I found myself playing “Sonia Pool” many times after a first listen, it stands on its own as a part of a full set. This is some great work from these two composers.

This soundtrack is a very round, eclectic and interesting music compilation, and no matter if the final feature film works or not, “Yo No Se” still makes me laugh every time.


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