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Rumor: Elder Scrolls MMO To Be Announced

Rumors leaking from industry sources happen fairly often, this particular leak coming a source known as”Tom’s Guide”. The source claims that in May of 2012 Bethesda is expected to announce a MMO simple entitled Elder Scrolls Online. The game is expected to place during a new ear of the game’s timeline know as the “second era”. Most of the main points of the game have yet to be revealed. However, according to the leak the game will feature three separate factions each represented by an animal, a lion, a dragon, and a bird of prey were the examples given.

Many people have long begged for an Elder Scrolls MMO, since the game’s world and lore would make for an interesting online experience. Most of my experience with the Elder Scrolls games has come from Morrowind era but I have clocked roughly forty five hours in Skyrim, but those who know the game know that’s nothing. The game features a great story line and features quest and side-quest that already on par with most MMO’s. In all honestly Elder’s Scrolls feels like an online game without the other people, so making the jump to the online world seems like natural progression. However, if this MMO did happen it would most likely mean the death of it’s single player incarnations. These types of rumors have surfaced before and anything from an “industry insider” needs to be taking with a grain of salt. So far the online evidence of this game seems to be these job listings by the company.

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