Kickstart This: Old Murder House Theater Wants to Bring JURASSIC PARK To You!

Since the beginning of Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, there are so many attempted creative projects that it can be hard to decide which ones are worth your donation. For every success story, there are probably dozens, maybe hundreds of failed projects that never get off the ground. Or maybe should have never gotten off the ground. Here, we showcase a project or two that are worthy of your hard earned cash. 

That headline might mean much to you, and that picture is certainly confusing. Let me shed some light on this. I’ve had the privilege of living in Austin, Tx. and being able to bear witness to a very unique and incredibly hilarious brand of comedy. The stage reenactment stylings of The Old Murder House Theater.

They put on shortened reenactments of classic films using inexpensively made props, actors playing multiple characters, but above all else using people with real talent.

In Austin, they are most well known for putting on an “Aliens on Ice” show, which was about as awesome and funny as you can imagine such a thing to be. If you’re having trouble imagining how funny something like this could be, here’s a taste:

Funny right? Well, they’re planning at US tour and they need your help. They, and I would greatly appreciate your help by contributing to their Kickstarter fund. I promise it’ll be worth every penny, and if you’re still not convinced, I’ll let The Old Murder House gang try and convince you themselves.

These are the dates they’re playing a city hopefully near you. Please consider donating to their cause, and have a piece of Austin (some of the best pieces of Austin) come to you.

Austin, TX  …  June 10th
Houston, TX  …  June 12th
New Orleans, LA  …  June 14th
Atlanta, GA  …   June 16th
Washington D.C.  …  June 18th
New York, NY  …   June 20th
Boston, MA  …  June 21st
Chicago, IL  …  June 23rd
San Francisco, CA  …  June 26th
Los Angeles, CA  …   June 28th
Dallas, TX  …   July 1st
Austin, TX (Encore)  …  July 3rd

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