Join the 21 JUMP STREET Live-Chat with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum

Have you ever wanted to sit down to chat with funnyman Jonah Hill or the swoon-worthy Channing Tatum? I know I have! Well Constellation TV and 21 Jump Street have teamed up to bring the men right into your home via a live chat event leading up to the release of the film.

On March 15 at 8pm EST, the eve of the film’s release, they’re hosting “High School Confidential,” a live online interactive event in which fans can relive their favorite teenage moments by submitting their most infamous pranks and stories pulled off during the glory days of high school. With the recent release of Project X, I’m sure those that saw the movie have already been comparing that film to their own high school days and will have plenty to talk about.

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill Introduce “High School Confidential”:


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The site can also be accessed via the Facebook page for 21 Jump Street.

Official Movie Synposis

In the action-comedy “21 Jump Street,” in theaters March 16, 2012, Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) were enemies in high school who became unlikely friends in Police Academy. While they may not be the best cops on the beat, they have a chance to turn it around when they join the police department’s secret Jump Street unit, run by Captain Dickson (Ice Cube). They trade in their guns and badges for backpacks and use their youthful appearances to go undercover. Trouble is, teenagers today are nothing like what they were just a few years ago, and Schmidt and Jenko discover that everything they think they know about being a teenager, from sex to drugs to rock and roll, is all wrong. More importantly, they both find they are still dealing with all of the adolescent problems they didn’t address in their own teen years – and both will have to confront the terror and anxiety of being a teenager again and all the issues they thought they had left behind. The film is directed by Phil Lord & Christopher Miller. The screenplay is by Michael Bacall. Story by Michael Bacall & Jonah Hill. Based on the Television Series created by Patrick Hasburgh & Stephen J. Cannell. Produced by Neal H. Moritz and Stephen J. Cannell.
21 Jump Street hits theaters nationwide on March 16, 2012.
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