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Gaming News Round-Up 3/10

So this past week was by far the wrong week to take off. In just a few short days some of gamings biggest stories broke and I feel like I’m late to the party. So I’d like to take this time and attempt to cover some of this past weeks biggest news stories and give my opinions on them; since by now if you cared you’d be long informed on the matters at hand.

Assassin’s Creed 3 got an official reveal early this month and since then some incredible new details about the game have come to surface. The game itself will introduce us to a brand new assassin who is of native american descent. The game will take place during the American Revolution and feature a wide open area that is expected to dwarf the city of Rome from the previous game. While a lot of features introduced in previous incarnations of the franchise have been keep, Ubisoft has announced that Assassin’s Creed 3 will go back to basics.  When I first heard of the setting of this game I was a initially a little worried since the game heavily relays on tall buildings and busy streets for most of it’s core game play, something to me, American in the 1800’s has neither of. However, after seeing some screen shots and hearing how Ubisoft plays to make the game work, I can say I’m more than excited to be diving out of trees and swing my tomahawks when the game is officially released later this year.

Mass Effect 3 released this week to a warm reception from critics and fans alike. Some worried that the controversy of the game’s day one DLC ‘From Ashes’ would damage the release since, various online groups had planned to boycott the game. For most the idea of day one DLC wasn’t what upset them, it was the idea that the content wasn’t actually something you paid and downloaded but instead was content on the disc that was locked. Creating a feeling that Bioware was hiding a whole section of the game away from their consumers. The launch day has since come and gone and while their are complaints most of the internet has settled done on certain issues, personally I think day one DLC isn’t a problem but locked content built onto a disc is. Whichever side of the fence you fall on, most can agree that the first two installments of the frachise were great and that the third can only damage them so much. I plan on picking up the game later this month and look forward to giving it a chance.

Some big console rumors came out this week concerning the next generations. Microsoft has made small hints that it may abandon the physical disc format completely and opting for a more digital distribution format. This news paired with previous releases, which had stated that Microsoft’s next generation console code named “Durango” wouldn’t allow used games to be played on the console, aim to make the lives of the frugal gamer all but impossible. Also this week, rumors for the next generation was the idea that Valve would enter the race, which made the internet all but implode at the idea of Steam on their TV. However, Such rumors have since been denied by the company and now we can all go back to e-mailing Gabe about Half Life 3.

Finally, Peter Molyneux the man behind games such as Black and White and the Fable franchise has announced that he would be leaving Lionhead Studios to found a new company by the name of 22 Cans. Citing that he is “bored to F***ing death with controllers” as one of his reasons, making most believe that more games like Fable: The Journey to come from 22 Cans. This does not excite me at all since The Journey looked quite terrible.

So that is most of the major stories that came out over the last few days, and now I hope that you, me, and the internet are now all on the same page and can more forward. Thanks for reading.


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