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DVD Review: Paddy Considine’s TYRANNOSAUR

Paddy Considine‘s Tyrannosaur  has arrived on DVD in the U.S. thanks to Strand Releasing. I had heard such great things about this movie, that when I was offered the chance to  review it. I could not pass up the offer. The film is based on Considine’s 2007 short film Dog Altogether, which won a BAFTA and a Venice Film Festival award. Tyrannosaur expands the same characters that were introduced in the short. The films stars Peter Mullan (War Horse, Braveheart), Olivia Colman (The Iron Lady, Hot Fuzz) and Eddie Marsan (Sherlock Holmes, The Illusionist)

Tyrannosaur follows the relationship between Joseph (Mullan), a violent alcoholic who seems to be mad at the world, and his relationship with Hannah (Colman), a Christian consignment store owner with an abusive husband (Marsan). Despite their differences in background, Joseph and Hannah are able to find a common ground in their lives, and help each other to find light at the end of the tunnel.

So many films have so many characters that it is impossible to get to know them. Considine does a phenomenal job of crafting characters that you can relate to, and have encountered in your lives. Both Mullan’s and Colman’s performances are so powerful and visceral that I could empathize with the situations that they were going through. Marsan is also a very talented character actor, who does well with creepy and violent roles.

The cool thing about the DVD, is that it loaded with extra features. Included on the disc is the short that the film is based on, which I recommend you watch before the film. This will give you a great look into how far Considine has come since 2007. There are also the standard trailers and deleted scenes from the movie. I really can’t imagine any of these scenes being included in the film, which is usually the case. The cool part of the bonus features is hearing the director and producer commentary track.

In conclusion, Tyrannosaur is a must-watch for fans of gritty and powerful indie films, with wonderful characters. The performances by Mullan and Colman are career defining. I highly recommend you seek this film out.

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