Disney’s Details On PAPERMAN Film Short

Disney, one of the most successful family film industries of all time have some pretty popular upcoming releases on their way to us this year. Among those are John CarterThe AvengersBrave and Oz: The Great and Powerful. On their list of short films in the works are  Toy Story Toons, La Luna and Tangled Ever After as well as another little known film they are calling Paperman. There was a MPAA news release denoting one of their latest.

Scott Watanabe, the Visual Development Artist, and the animator Patrick Osborne provided a few details:


We’re finishing up a rather exciting project at Disney in the next few weeks. It’s been keeping me pretty busy and away from this blog. The short is called Paperman. Directed by John Kahrs, the short will be running the festival circuit next year. We’re very proud of this one and can’t wait to show the world.


Seeing as how Disney very rarely disappoints with any of their projects, this one shouldn’t be any different. Disney’s next major, non-Pixar, animated film is Wreck-It Ralph, so maybe we’ll see something attached to that. Or maybe it’ll just play at festivals, as said above. Either way, it’s pretty cool to hear about a new Disney short, especially one with such an intriguing title.


Source: Slash Film

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