Conan O’Brien to guest star in Eagleheart Season 2

Via The Futon Critic, an Adult Swim press release sheds some light on the latest exploits of Marshal Chris Monsanto and company in the second season of Eagleheart.

This season, Marshal Monsanto, aided by his sidekicks Brett Mobley (Brett Gelman, The Other Guys) and Susie Wagner (Maria Thayer, Forgetting Sarah Marshall), sets out to track down a psychotic kids’ show host, search for the kidnapped King of the Hobos, fend off sinister board games, and take down a scat-singing mob boss.

Eagleheart is produced by Conan O’Brien’s Conaco Productions, and fans have speculated whether Mr. O’Brien himself would make a guest appearance. Wonder no more.

Along the way, they’ll encounter special guest stars Conan O’Brien, Dean Norris (Breaking Bad), and more.

Season two premieres April 12 at midnight Eastern.

Editor’s Note: According to the upcoming DVD release of Eagleheart Season One, Conan appears in the unaired pilot. Eager to see both appearances.

Adding: This tidbit appeared on the Eagleheart Facebook page:

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