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Comics Corner Issue #13

Welcome one and all to Comics Corner Issue #13 where we have come to the end of Hitch and Millar’s run on The Ultimates. Last time we picked over the pages, America’s elite team of hero’s had begun to wander outside of their national confines and make their presence known abroad. Disgruntled by The Ultimates actions and now global presence a collection of International bodies known as  The Liberators assemble a team of their own. Representatives from China, Russia and the middle east form a deadly collective that are just as fast, strong and powerful as their US enemies.

But it’s not just The Liberators that are plaguing The Ultimates, corruption from within has broken and splintered the group. Is Tony Starks bride to be everything she seems and can Captain America really be responsible for the slaying of Hawkeye’s family? Those who have been reading along will know just how motivating and captivating the internal struggle within The Ultimates has been. For those who are yet to get there, do so you will not be dissapointed.

But as well executed the storyline and character development has been in the series we’ve all arrived at this final junction to see some serious ass kicking action and boy do we get it. If you thought the throw-down between The Ultimates and the Skrull was good then your gonna love the battle supreme here. Although the Liberators have straight taken American soil for their own, S.H.I.E.L.D’s super team alongside some of Europe’s finest and a certain Asgardian god and his entourage are not going down without a fight. Grand Theft America has some of the best action scenes I’ve seen within the confines of a panel and the whole book works as a fantastic climax to an arc that has improved with every issue.

Some may have seen the darker moments in this series as a bit mean spirited but for me it’s given a group steeped in righteous principals a much needed gritty edge. Although a little slow to start Millars scope of writing has vastly improved as the arc has continued. Hitch on the other hand has been continously brilliant and you can definetly expect to see more of his work in future editions of Comics Corner.

But our next venture comes from Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon as next week we delve into the world of Preacher. The arc is fit into nine separate trade paper backs and we’re gonna be tackling them two at time. So if you’re looking for something good to read or you wanna keep up with us here you’ll need to lay your hands on Vol 1. and 2. Whether joining in or not whatever you are reading, enjoy and I shall see you here next week.

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