CHRONICLE Director May Inject Some VENOM

One of Spidey’s most feared, and loved, arch-enemies has finally moved one step closer to being featured in his own movie. Venom. Who knew, right? With the upcoming arrival of The Amazing Spider-Man this summer season, the web-slinging super hero has been placed back on the map. So why not go the extra mile or two and bring his fans perhaps one of his most beloved baddies of all time?

Sony studios is currently in talks with director, Josh Trank, who created Chronicle, to take a run at bringing the parasitic bad-guy to life. Of course, without surprise, Sony isn’t saying yay or nay to these reports. But we can all hope can’t we?  Let’s face it, Topher Grace tried back in 2007 but didn’t quite cut it for those of us who actually cared. So this report is a small but very bright shining light pointing us in the right direction.

This project has been in “possible production” for sometime now. 2008 to be exact.  Gary Ross negotiated to perhaps direct a Venom movie back in 2009 but it obviously never happened. However, he did go on to birth the upcoming Hunger Games.

So, the big question is what do you think of this news? Do you feel Venom’s complete awesomeness can be captured in a live-action flick? Please, oh please let us know!


Source: LA Times

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