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BREAK BLOCKS: Where Rhythm and Puzzles collide

The great part of being an indie developer, is being able to take risks. Case in point BREAK BLOCKS a rhythm/puzzle game from the minds of Greater Good Games, a studio with the mission statement of making games to help others. The studio comprises of two men, Noah Wood (Illustrator/Art Director) and Dayle Flowers, known as one of the driving forces behind games such as Killing Floor and Red Orchestra 2. A portion of all the proceeds from Greater Good Games sales goes to the charity Doctors Without Borders, which sends medical help to almost 70 countries in need.

Break Blocks is a game that is a perfect game changer. The art reminds older gamers of the early days of the cell shading style, for most a Jet Grind Radio vibe can be felt. The game play features some interesting characters ranging from your Rastafarian trainer all the way to your first opponent, an over the hill sea captain. Each level has you, the up and coming break dancer challenging  new opponents to a dance off. Players have to match directions on their blocks in rhythm with the songs that are playing in order to launch them onto the dance floor. The goal is to create color combinations using the primary red, blue, and yellow blocks to clear the floor and gain crowd favor, but also to create combos by mixing colors (green, purple, orange) for more points. The atmosphere of the game is light, with popping tunes that work well for novices trying to keep beat, but are complex enough for an expert to tackle some high scores with.

Break Blocks is currently available for MAC or PC through Greater Good Games’ website for the price of a single pay what you want donation; with a portion of the proceeds going to charity. Since word of mouth is so important with endeavors such as this, Noah and Dayle have given Screen Invasion two keys for the game which we’ll post a little later today on our Facebook Page, in a first come first serve fashion.

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