9 New Posters and Trailer for DARK SHADOWS

If someone knows how to tell a story about outcasts in style, it is Tim Burton. In his bio “Burton by Burton”, Johnny Depp talks about his first meeting with him, and his casting for Edward Scissorhands. Depp said it didn’t take him long to realize that the man in front of him was the main character of the film: weird dark hair, pale,  and his hands were moving so quickly while he spoke that it a wonder he felt they were something “attached” to his body. And we all know how that meeting went, and how the actor and the director are now close friends and often collaborators.

Their latest project Dark Shadows, a re-imagining of a 70’s TV show, tells another outcast story, in this case about Barnabas Collins, a vampire that goes to live with his human family.

Burton grew up in a very “square” neighborhood in Burbank, California. He never felt like he fit there, or with the people around him. This life experiences are often reflected in his line of work, he’s inclined to stories about people (or even creatures) that don’t “fit” either in their surroundings: Ed Wood, Frankenweenie, Nightmare Before Christmas, among many others. That’s why this film choice is no surprise to me.

To enhance this sense of contrast between characters and background, Burton uses a very interesting palette of psychedelic technicolor against the paleness of Barnabas, reflected both in the trailer and in the series of posters shown below.

I think you can tell by now I’m a Burton fan. I know this is not the common case among audiences/critics, but there’s something about his aesthetics and his very unique style of film making I find fascinating. Or maybe is just the outcast in me that loves to see that probably not everybody “fits” every were, and that this sometimes is not a bad thing at all.










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