Video on Demand gets good in February with Ryan Gosling and HUGO

With movie ticket prices constantly on the rise, most people can’t afford to catch absolutely everything in theaters. Thankfully, cable’s Video on Demand service is quickly realizing that and they’ve just added a slew of movies worth the price.

Time Warner is smartly capitalizing off the love for Ryan Gosling and have added a slew of his films that will be available through the month of February. Here’s the full list of what’s available, in order of which ones I think you should watch first.

  • The Notebook
  • Drive
  • Crazy, Stupid, Love
  • Remember the Titans
  • The Ides of March
  • Lars and the Real Girl
  • Murder by Numbers
  • Fracture

The Notebook should be seen by every male if they want to have something to talk about with every girl. Seriously, I do not know a single lady who does not have an opinion about this movie. I’d say 99% of them love it and this is the film they first fell in love with the Gos.

Drive is nominated for a Best Sound Editing and should have been nominated for much more. The stoic Gosling performance should arguably been nominated for Best Actor, but the Oscars did not see it that way. While the action works better on a big screen, make no mistake, this isn’t Fast Five and works on a much more dramatic level.

To access the Ryan Gosling movies, just head go to Movies on Demand, select ‘BY GENRE’ and click ‘Ryan Gosling.’

Not feeling like Ryan Gosling love? They also just announced that Hugo will be available for streaming at the end of the month. Nominated for nine Academy Awards, Martin Scorcese’s love letter to silent film is a true must-watch.

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