TV Recap: THE VOICE, “The Blind Auditions Part 4”

The blind auditions part four aired Monday February 20, 2012 on NBC. Here is the full recap of the contestants that auditioned for the judges Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christina Aguilera, and Blake Shelton.






Ducky  age 26  from Carlisle, PA

Small town guy with an interesting style who is also a painter. His girlfriend is at the auditions to support him. He chooses to sing “Tighten Up.” During his performance he comes off the stage and very close to the judges but nothing made them turn around to add Ducky to their team. Adam tells him, “Sweet mustache!” Ducky seems to be in high spirits even though he won’t appear on the show any further.

Jonathas  age 23  from Rio de Janero

Originally from Rio de Janero. He says he learned english from listening to music when he was very young. He sings “U Got it Bad” by Usher. The judges immediately comment saying he sounds just like Usher. Cee Lo is the first to hit his button. Christina hits her button right at the very last second. Christina says she wants to “package” Jonathas but Cee Lo is more interested in comparing watches with Jonathas. Jonathas chooses team Christina but tells Cee Lo he “loves him to death.”

Monique Benabou  age 23  from Alameda, California

She is happy to have her parents at the auditions to help support her even though her mother has been struggling with cancer for many years. Monique’s whole motive for singing is to help her family out. She sings “Know it all.” Christina is the first and only judge to turn around for Monique. She is automatically on team Christina, one of only a few spots left.

Naia Kete  age 21  from Hollywood, California

She is a street performer in Hollywood, playing with her younger brother and her boyfriend. Naia sings “The Lazy Song.” Blake Shelton is the first judge to turn around, almost immediately. Cee Lo gives in and presses his button next. Blake says he is “already screwed” since Cee Lo turned around. Blake also said, “The he instantly fell in love with your voice.” Out of team Cee Lo and team Blake, Naia decides to join team Blake. A very nice pick up for Mr. Blake Shelton.

Eric Macek  age 31  from Bethlehem, PA

His parents immigrated from Czechoslovakia before he was born so that they could give their kids the American dream. Erik sings “Free Fallin” by Tom Petty for the judges. Unfortunately for Eric, none of the judges hit their buttons. Blake said that he “damned near hit his button.”

Charlotte Sometimes  age 23  from Wall, New Jersey

She is bouncing back from a crazy disease where her jaw could fracture at any moment but she had surgery to fix her jaw. During recovery from the surgery is when she picked up her guitar and began writing and playing music. Lucky for us, her jaw is fine and she can sing again. Miss Sometimes sings “Apologize” for the judges. Adam and Blake hit their buttons at the same time followed by Cee Lo and Christina then hitting their buttons virtually at the same time, giving us the first contestant of the night to have all four judges turn around. Cee Lo says when she opened up it was “like a flower, poised and beautiful.” Charlotte chooses from the four judges to be on team Blake.

Tony Vincent  age 38  from New York City

Tony has had a pretty successful run on Broadway but puts it all on hold to give a career in pop/rock music a try. His pregnant wife and broadway performer is at the auditions to support Tony. Tony sings “We are the Champions” by Queen, a band he has actually worked with, for the judges. Cee Lo says “he likes him” and hits his button. Tony is automatically on Cee Lo’s team after Cee Lo is the only judge to turn around. Cee Lo says “he was impressed by your confidence in choosing a Freddy Mercury song.”

Anthony Evans  age 33  from Dallas, Texas

Son of a well known pastor in Dallas so Anthony has grown up with church music. He already has ten years of experience on the road as a gospel act but is ready to give a try at a big career. Anthony sings “What’s Going On.” Christina hits her button before any other judge and picks up Anthony for her team.

Jamie Lono age 22  from Chicago, Illinois

When Jamie was a child, his family went bankrupt due to his medical bills from having a piece of his lung removed. Jamie sings “Folsom  Prison Blues” and Adam almost immediately hits his button. Cee Lo hits his button towards the very end. Cee Lo loved his version of Johnny Cash. Adam tells Jamie that he turned around because “you sounded so soulful.” Jamie chooses to be on team Cee Lo.

Dylan Chambers  age 19  Arlington, Texas

Dylan was cast  at a young age, by his mother, in a musical and he hasn’t looked back. Dylan sings “Valerie” for the judges but none of the judges like the song enough to turn around.

Nathan Anderson 

Sings “Walking in Memphis” with no judges turning around.

Luna Searles

Sings “Come to my Window” but none of the judges turned around.

Adam Lasher

Sings “How you Remind me” from Sum 41 but none of the judges turned around.

Justin Hopkins  age 30 from Redond Beach, California

Justin used to be in the Carson Daly house band. He says he would like to be on team Cee Lo before he auditions. Justin sings “Babylon” for the judges. Cee Lo hits his button first and ends up being the only judge to turn around. So, Justin gets the team he wanted to be on, team Cee Lo.

Nicolle Galyon  age 24

Nicolle didn’t sing in front of anyone until she was 20-years-old. She talks about wanting to be a country singer that plays the piana. She sings “You Save Me” and accompanies herself on the piano. Adam Levine is the first to turn around for Nicolle and ends up being the only judge to turn around. Nicolle is automatically on team Adam. Adam tells her that “she is special.”

Ashley De La Rosa

Ashley sings “Shark in the Water” for the judges and joins team Christina.

Jordan Ranger

He sings “Chicken Fry” and of course he joins team Blake.

Karla Davis

Sings “If I Die Young” and joins team Adam.


Sings “Just like a Pill” and joins team Blake.

Eric Tipton  age 31  from Sanger, Texas

Eric is a big guy that sings soul music. He sings “You Make My Dreams” for the judges. The judges all seem to like his singing by dancing and bobbing their heads along to the song. But unfortunately for Eric, none of the judges hit their buttons. Christina said, “He did good! I feel bad…” after Eric had left the stage.

Mathai  age 18  from Dallas, Texas

She comes from a very intelligent family of doctors but she would rather be musical. Mathai sings “Rumor Has It” for the judges. Adam hits his button rather quickly for Mathai. Blake decides to join the action and hits his button followed by Cee Lo. Blake talks first and says, “Attention! We are looking at a star right here!” Blake adds, “You don’t sound like anybody else I have ever heard before and I like that a lot.” Mathai decides to join team Adam.


Overall, just a decent show. I feel like the first couple episodes of blind auditions were better. I posted a video below of my favorite performance of the night.

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