TV Recap: Jersey Shore, “Love at the Jersey Shore”

Jersey Shore’s most recent episode (aired February 16, 2012) wasn’t too exciting. This seemed like one of those “in between drama” episodes. You know, the ones where nothing really happens but they make it seem like it does? That kind of episode.




Okay, so this is a short rundown of what happened:

  • JWOW and Roger fight on the phone right off the bat but make up
  • The meatballs (Snooki and Deena) bake a cake for their boss at the t-shirt stand but someone eats a piece (Pauly D)
  • Snooki goes to the clinic because she thinks she has UTI
  • Mike and Paula hang out more and we hear Mike talk of a more serious relationship with her
  • Deena feels good after bringing a guy she knows already (Joey) home
  • Pauly D plays a typical Pauly D prank and puts dirty dishes on her bed before Deena and Joey make it back home
  • JWOW (Jenni) wears an outfit that lacks material to say the least, for Roger when they go out to Karma
  • Crazy night at Karma with lots of fights
  • Jenni is worried about her outfit snapping off and is quoted saying, “My boobs, my boobs!”
  • The show ends with Roger shoving some guy away that won’t leave Jenni alone

Watch the full episode below where you can also clip and share your favorite parts.



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