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TV Recap: How I Met Your Mother, “The Drunk Train”

How I Met Your Mother is like a heavyweight boxer that is years past his prime but refuses to retire.  You stick around to watch him fight because he provided you with so many great fights, so many great memories, and while he still provides a highlight once in a while, it is clear that everyone thinks he should retire. That’s what How I Met Your Mother has turned into.

Tonight was yet another example of an episode that sadly makes you wonder when this show will end, rather than how funny the jokes are in it.  It was the Valentine’s Day special, and the main story was Marshall, Lily, Robin, and Kevin on a double date getaway in Vermont, while Ted and Barney are left riding the “drunk train” to Long Island in search of “love.”

Just a few minutes in, a bomb is dropped when Kevin proposes to Robin! After an awkward dinner highlighted by Marshall and Lily’s horrible attempts at once again keeping secrets, Robin decides to say yes, after revealing that she can’t have kids.

Meanwhile, Barney is busy trying to pick up Quinn, who is being wing woman for her friend, who Ted is with. They come back to this a few times throughout the show, and by the end of it, it appears as though Quinn might turn into a potential love interest.

Quinn could very well turn out to be the love of Barney’s life, but after so many storylines that dragged on for half a season of episodes only to be thrown out in 10 minutes (look at Zooey and Barney with Robin), it is hard to get excited for this random storyline.

Going back to Vermont, Kevin doesn’t care that Robin can’t have kids, and stands by his proposal.   Then, the show continues an odd trend that I’ve picked up on going back to last season. When the show started, Robin was the dream character. She was a hot chick who acted just like a guy, and we loved everything about her. Now, for whatever reason, they are trying to make us hate her, and this was another prime example.

Robin tells Kevin how not only can she not have kids, she doesn’t even want them. And she said that this will not change no matter what. I mean really now….people change, there’s a chance she will want kids, but no she’s staying put, and as a result Kevin calls off the engagement.

The episode ends on an odd, and a borderline “throw up” moment, when after listening to Robin complain about how things fell through with Kevin, Ted says that he can be the one for Robin, and says “I love you Robin.” In the Words of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler: “REALLLLLLLY!” I mean come on. We know she’s not the mom, and yet this is what, the 14th time they’ve relapsed. This will probably last an episode, before what ultimately will and probably should happen: a separation of Robin from the group, likely just a temporary one, as she comes back to be Aunt Robin for Ted’s future kids.

It pains me to write such a negative review about this show. I absolutely love it. The first 4 seasons are some of the best comedy ever written for TV. But just like that boxer, things must come to an end, and sometimes, it’s hard for them to accept it. We’ve stuck around with you for this long HIMYM. The least you can do is give us a graceful ending as you bow out, closing one of the best chapters in TV comedy history.

What did you think of the episode? Do you want Ted and Robin to get back together? What do you think of Quinn? Let us know in the comments section!

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