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TV Recap: ARCHER, “Lo Scandalo”

Archer really amped up the crazy with “Lo Scandolo” which included a elegant dinner party, the Italian prime minister and marital aides. It was also probably the funniest and most surreal episodes to date.

The story starts in Malory’s apartment where she’s drinking alone in the dark with a gun. Archer and Lana show up to find her across from a dead body in a full gimp suit with a “marital aide” located in an uncomfortable location.  As it turned out, the body was the Prime Minister of Italy with whom Malory had a sexual relationship with. The rest of the episode was dedicated to Sterling and Lana trying to figure out whether Malory was the killer or if a band of masked assassins barged in and shot him like she had described. Since all signs pointed at Malory in spite of her insistence that it was not her, they had to come up with a way to cover up the murder.

The plan was to have Krieger chop up the body to make it easier to dispose of, but he called over the rest of ISIS to help much to everyone’s surprise. While he was in the middle of his greatest work yet, a police detective showed up because of an anonymous call about the murder, but they were able to throw him off the scent with an elegant dinner party. When it was all said and done, they had gotten away with it, and everyone left with a piece of the prime minister as a party favor. As Archer and Lana headed home, Lana started to piece the details together which confirmed that Malory in fact killed the man and had ISIS help her get away with it. In a somewhat shocking twist, it’s revealed that Malory killed the prime minister because he may have had a hand in death of Archer’s father.

See how crazy this episode was! It had everything from bondage suits to murder to Lana in a French maid’s costume, and boy was it disturbingly funny. Sure, the concept itself wasn’t anything new, but the absurdity grew and grew to the point where I had no idea what was about to happen next, and I couldn’t help be be impressed when the episode got even weirder. The ending was somewhat unexpected because these characters are by no means saints, but I never thought they could be cold-blooded killers. The crazy thing is it kinda makes sense when you think about her motivations, which adds an extra layer of character development that you don’t always expect from this show.

Lines of the Night:

  • “Well, unless it was the Creepy Old People Bondage Sex Police …”
  • “Well, he’d have to. Thing’s huge.”
  • “Oh dear, so you’re once again faced with a classic Irishman’s dilemma. Do I eat the potato now or let it ferment so I can drink it later?”
  • “Thank you.”
  • “Can I keep it?”
  • “Whatever’s gotten into you Calpurnia?”

Random killings aside, “Lo Scandalo” ended up being an insane ride with dark twists and turns which made for an extremely entertaining half-hour of television. It’s these kind of character driven episodes that make Archer work, and it could be the premier animated television program of our time if the show plays its cards right.

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