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THQ releases WWE ’12 patch

While their fan base may not be as big as Madden or Call of Duty’s, the WWE ’12 community is still rather large and most often ignored. That is why this newest content patch release yesterday for THQ’s WWE ’12 was so important. The game series which was just recently reformatted from its previous incarnation to a more EA Sports style. Has had some ups and downs since it’s initial release back in November of 2011.

While WWE ’12‘s graphics and game engine were decades ahead of their previous versions. The brand new game did suffer from a large amount of lock-ups and graphical hiccups, couple this with its online issues and some fans had a problem. THQ was quick to act however with small tweaks that mended the online issues somewhat, but most users still had major issues. However they did announce that with the games second DLC pack known as the Legends pack, that they would hopefully roll out a new update to the game.

This wasn’t the first time that THQ promised the WWE’s gaming community a patch, last years installment was promised the same thing but fans never did see the results. Prompting current fans to be quite weary of the game’s developers promises. However, here we are a day after the patch and fans seem to have weathered the storm and have been rewarded for their patience.

The newest DLC included a patch that didn’t fix everything that was wrong, but did mend the top issues of the three major parts of the game (Story, Online, Universe). Along with the patch THQ included two free downloadable treats, a new attire for Kane, and the funkasaurse Brodus Clay; As a way of saying that they didn’t forget their consumers. For members of the WWE ’12 fan access, Macho Man Randy Savage, Mick Foley, and Batista were also free to download (standard rates apply to non access members).

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