THE WALKING DEAD Adds David Morrissey As New Villian

AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD original series is based on Image/Skybound comics which has produced the quality graphic novel for some time now. The live action version is taking another step towards mirroring the comic by Robert Kirkman in announcing that actor David Morrissey will be playing a character called “the Governor”.

“The Governor” is a villain unlike the kind, endearing personality of that of Rick Grimes. The Sheriff and his crew encounter “the Governor”, who is proclaimed as the ruthless and sadistic head of his colony, at some point in the comic when they come across a new settlement of survivors located in Woodbury.  It was announced Friday that all of this will come to fruition during the third season of THE WALKING DEAD.

The comic will release its 94th issue come February 29th.  The new characters’ leadership strategies are countered by personal issues concerning his daughter.  There was some speculation prior to this season’s premiere the Merle (Michael Rooker) who played Daryl’s (Norman Reedus) brother might turn out to be this new character, Kirkman confirmed that wasn’t to be.


The Governor character will be introduced at some point, and it will probably be an original character that hasn’t appeared in the show up to that point,” Kirkman told THR at the time.


The addition of “the Governor” to the show comes among more speculation that Jon Bernthal who plays Rick’s current thorn in his side, Shane, may be written out of the drama.  The actor’s name has been thrown around a new TNT pilot headed by former WALKING DEAD showrunner, Frank Darabont.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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