The Big Bang Theory – Sheldon Gets a Haircut

This week’s The Big Bang Theory, “The Werewolf Transformation” was a lot of fun, right out of the gate.  Even the name is hilarious and certainly fitting.  There is a lot of Sheldon’s Texas roots showing in this episode as well with his dollars to donuts and sure as shootin’ references.  Maybe it’s because I’m from the great state myself, but I love that no matter how odd he may be he is always a southern boy at heart.  In “The Werewolf Transformation” Sheldon needs a haircut, but his barber is in the hospital and the barber’s nephew is the only one available.  Leonard tries to convince him that the barber’s nephew can handle his haircut, but Sheldon isn’t hearing it.  Mr. D’Onofrio has access to his haircut records (in his mind something like medical records) because Sheldon’s mom sent them over when he moved from Texas.  Leonard almost convinces him with Sheldon sitting down and ironically saying, “If I come out looking like a dork, it’s on you.”   In the end, Sheldon just can’t commit to getting his hair cut by the nephew.

Sheldon’s hair continues to drive him crazy throughout the episode.  Penny offers to cut it at one point and Sheldon comes within seconds of horribly insulting her when he tuns down her offer.  While at Amy’s apartment, after she plays an amazing harp rendition of  Bon Jovi’s, Wanted Dead or Alive, Sheldon says he is running out of time on his haircut, he can hear his hair growing.  I love that he and Amy have girlfriend/boyfriend singalong night.  Amy suggests that Sheldon let his hair grown and he throws out quite a few hippy cliches at the idea.

Howard gets his letter for training at Nasa and leaves to take part.  In his video chats with Burnadette, he doesn’t seem to be doing well.  He is making it through, but just barely.  Howards first chat with Burnadette is his discussion of zero gravity training in which he describes throwing up, how the vomit then floats around in front of you and then, if your mouth is open, that it can and will go back in.  Blech.  The second chat session doesn’t go much better.  Howard shows up looking very frazzled and dirty with cuts on his face.  He has been in survival training during which he was spooned by an armadillo and ate a butterfly, he seems to be losing it.  On both occasions he requests more underwear.

We find an odd occurrence at the apartment with Leonard and Penny playing chess.  Even more odd and in a tip of the hat to what so many of us have come to realize; Penny is no dummy, Penny wins her first time playing.  Leonard cannot concede to losing though, so she doesn’t truly get to relish her victory.  In the face of not being able to get his haircut after going to see his barber in the hospital and realizing how bad off the man is, Sheldon loses himself to apathy.  So much so that he doesn’t even care about Penny sitting in his spot, which is in Sheldon’s world is truly something to worry about.  Sheldon is suddenly aware that trying to plan so carefully and control everything all this time was completely pointless and made no difference if the fact that he didn’t get his hair cut didn’t cause anything negative to happen.  Such a great life lesson for everyone, not even just Sheldon.  Penny embraces this new train of thought and uses the relationship she has with Leonard as an example of never knowing what might happen, to which Sheldon replies, “Oh please, EVERYONE knows what’s going to happen [with Leonard and Penny].” Love the allusion to the inevitable.  In a very Sheldon way of throwing caution to the wind, he decides to wear his Tuesday pajamas on the wrong day.  In very, very un-Sheldonlike behavior, Leonard and Penny find him playing bongos at three o’clock in the morning, then the most shocking think of all happens.  Leonard invokes the roommate agreement to get him to stop and Sheldon blows off his most sacred of documents by saying it not longer stands as they are living in a world of chaos.

Burnadette decides she can’t leave Howard to his own devices, she doesn’t believe he would make it through training, so she shows up to help him through it.  Realistic?  I’m not sure, but it sure is sweet.  That is, until she realizes Howard’s mother is already there to take care of him.  Ick.

Sheldon left the apartment after the bongo incident and went to Amy’s place.  Penny and Leonard find Sheldon and a disappointed Amy (she thought the bongos was a late-night musical booty call) at Amy’s apartment.  Penny tries again to convince Sheldon to let her cut his hair, to which Sheldon once again mentions those haircut records that she doesn’t have access to.  Penny uses past experiences to remind Sheldon how long they have known one another, and we get a quick recap of the more defining moments in their friendship as she tries to gain Sheldon’s trust.  In true Amy fashion, when Sheldon asks what she thinks, she assures him there is not a hair on her body she wouldn’t let Penny  trim.  These moments between Amy and Peny are the bonus in the show for me, like the chocolate trapped in the last bite of a Drumstick ice cream cone, the best bits.

In the end, Sheldon concedes and Penny cuts his hair.  Sheldon is actually okay with the cut and doesn’t mind that “it’s a little Hollywood”, though in reality it looks just as it always does.  When Penny goes to clean up his neck with clippers though, Sheldon gets squirmy and giggly as they tickle him and she buzzes a large portion of the back of Sheldon’s head.  He doesn’t notice, she lets him leave and then determines despite any lesson Sheldon might have temporarily learned about not being able to control every outcome, she will probably have to move after this incident.

I felt very satisfied after watching this episode.  The writers truly fulfilled every expectation I have.  It was so well rounded and had such a strong message, one that I still need reminding of, though I think I get better and better about it every day.  Everything will not fall apart if we just let go a little; doing everything exactly right, exactly on time, exactly when and how we think we need to does not make one stinking bit of difference in the grand scheme of things.  Best laid plans and all that.  This is why I love the show so much, there is depth and intelligence intertwined with the best comedy on TV today.  Kudos to The Big Bang Theory team!

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