Super Bowl Commercials 2012 – Complete List

Most of the commercials that are set to air during the 2012 Super Bowl have already been released. This is different to me. I am used to seeing the commercials for the first time during the actual Super Bowl. I am perfectly fine with the pre-release because we get to see the super expensive commercials early. This doesn’t make me not want to watch the game any less because I will still enjoy watching the commercials and movie trailers again with friends.  In case you never knew, it costs $3.5 million for a 30-second spot. Needless to say, companies are looking to get the most out of these commercials. Check here for the complete list of movie trailers that will be airing Super Bowl Sunday night.

Watch all of the Super Bowl commercials now and decide which will be your favorite.


Acura – “Seinfeld”

Audi – “Vampire Party”

Belvita – “Police Officers” – “Business Trip” – “Confidence”

Cadillac – “Green Hell”


Century 21 – “Apolo Anton Ohno”

Century 21 – “Smarter, Bolder, Faster”

Chevrolet – “Happy Grad”

Chevrolet – “Spy Thriller”

Chevy Sonic – “OK Go”

Chevy Volt – “Aliens #1 – Come On”


Chevy Volt – “Aliens #2 – Who Told”

Coca-Cola – “Superstition”

Coca-Cola – “Giants Catch”

Coca-Cola – “Patriots Catch”

Downy – “Mean Joe Greene”

Fiat USA – “Supermodel” – “Body Paint” – “The Cloud”


H&M – “David Beckham”

Honda – “Matthew’s Day Off”

Hulu -”Mushy Mush”

Hyundai – “All For One”

Hyundai – “Think Fast”

Hyundai – “Cheetah”

Kia – “A Dream Car”


M&Ms – “Ms Brown”

MetLife – “Everyone”

Pizza Hut – “Contest Winner”

Pepsi – “Kings Court”

Pepsi Max – “Cheatin’ Heart”

Oikos Yogurt – “John Stamos”

Samsung – “Next Big Thing”


Skechers – “Mr. Quiggly”

Suzuki – “Sled”

Teleflora – “Adriana Lima”

Toyota – “Connections”

Toyota – “It’s Reinvented”

Volkswagen – “The Bark Side”


Volkswagen – “The Dog Strikes Back”


America’s Got Talent – Howard Stern

TaxAct – Free to pee

Doritos – Man’s Best Friend

Budweiser – Return of the King


Bridgestone – Performance Football

Chevy Silverado – “2012”

Best Buy – Phone Innovators

Bud Light Platinum – Work

Bud Light Platinum – Factory

Sketchers – Mr. Quiggly

Doritos – Sling Baby

E-Trade – Fatherhood

The Aprrentice – Attack

Hulu Plus – Hulubarotry

The Voice – Vocal Kombat

Chrysler – It’s Halftime America

Chase Quickpay – Football

Budweiser – Eternal Optimism

Bridgestone – Performance Basketball

NFL Timeline

Bud Light – Rescue Dog

Time Warner Cable – Enjoy Better Anthem

NBC – Thursday Comedies – Crank

Samsung Mobile – Thing Called Love

Prudential Financial – One Day

Swamp People

NFL Fantasy – Million Dollar Fan

Awake – Which is Which

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