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Soundtrack Review: THE WOMAN IN BLACK

When is the last time you were really blown away by the soundtrack of a horror film? The Woman In Black is definitely a creepy film and its soundtrack, composed by Oscar-nominated composer Marco Beltrami, really helps bring out the creepiness of the film.

I don’t normally get blown away by the score of a horror film, but I’m blown away by this one. It completes the film perfectly. From the start of the film to the end, the music is what really makes us cringe or get anxious while watching.

The opening scene’s score “Tea for Three Plus One” is by far the best one. If you’ve seen the film, those three girls walking towards the windows while this score is playing gives everyone the most sick and scared feeling. Then all throughout the film, each time one of the scores begin our emotions go wild.

Another score that really heightens the fear is “You Could Have Saved Him”, just the eeriness of it quickly gets us in a nervous and scared state of mind. The last score of the film “Reunion” when Arthur Kipps and his son are reunited with his wife, is the one score that, instead of instilling fear, envokes such sadness. It was done so beautifully, yet also with an air of tragedy. Once the score begins and you realize Arthur and his son died you begin to want to cry, but Arthur and his son see his wife, things feels okay.

This soundtrack is just one big roller coaster of emotion! Marco Beltrami did an outstanding job putting together a creepy, eerie and yet beautiful soundtrack for The Woman In Black. From start to finish we are taken on a scary journey through the life of Arthur Kipps and what he goes through at Eel Marsh House.

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