NINJA TURTLES reboot may get Jonanthan Liebesman to direct

Director Jonathan Liebesman, who is currently placing the finishing touches on the sequel WRATH OF THE TITANS is now in discussions to take over for the live-action TMNT reboot.

Having also done such pretty big time special effect driven flicks like WRATH and BATTLE: LOS ANGELES, it may seem that we could expect something similar for our Heroes on a Half Shell if Liebesman confirms.  This means a product somewhat different to the original trilogy done in the early 90s.  Personally, I loved the fight scenes in those movies.  I literally grew up using those same moves to playfully beat my brother up (back when he was smaller than me).

I am, however, slightly excited to see what sort of direction new age CGI, mega explosions (yes, Michael Bay is producing) and cutting edge special effects will do for the the Fearsome Foursome.  Writers who penned the latest MISSION IMPOSSIBLE are already onboard, so the hype builds.  Paramount seems to have big plans for the reptile teenage brothers.  I can’t wait to find out just what kinds.


Source: Total Film

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