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New Girl, “The Landlord” was pretty slow, but gave me one of the best laughs I’ve had this week.  Can I say it was worth sitting through the rest of the episode to get that one laugh?  I just don’t think so.  I am still giddy from it, but I was soooo bored through the other twenty some-odd minutes that I can’t let the giddiness cloud my judgement.  I would have been just as happy seeing the one clip sharing the hilarious scene and done without all the over-explanation of Jess and Nick’s personality flaws.

The episode starts with Nick and Jess in a parking lot vying for a parking space.  Nick starts yelling and the other man pulls out a gun.  Jess manages to sweet talk the same man out of the space.  This is all to prepare us for an episode in which the point that Nick seems to always see the bad in people and Jess always the good is hammered to death.

We are also prepped for issues Schmidt is having reading what his boss is trying to say to him, as in whether there is innuendo implied or not when she tells him to bring her the budge report.  We see case after case, at the coffee shop, with the brown clad delivery man, etc., where Schmidt inappropriately assumes a second meaning.

The Landlord

After Nick has a violent encounter repairing the garbage disposal, Jess suggests calling the landlord for the myriad of issues the apartment has.  All the guys emphatically request that she doesn’t try to talk to the landlord.  They are all scared of him.  Of course we know this will only make Jess more determined to go talk to the landlord, lo and behold this is exactly what happens.  She takes him cupcakes and tries to use the sweetness that fared so well in the parking lot, to no avail.  When Jess mistakenly lets it slip that there are four people living in the apartment, the landlord starts paying attention, but for the wrong reason.

Jess hightails it back to the apartment and tries to prep the guys for the bad news.  When they realize what she’s done, they go into emergency preparedness mode and we see they have been running drills for just this eventuality.  They quickly throw one of the beds out of doors and Schmidt pretends to be a Peruvian visitor who is going back to his home country.  I did giggle at the landlord’s arrival, upon which he walks in calling Nick “Brad” and Winston, the much beloved “Coach”.

The Landlord

Because of Jess and the fact that the apartment is in better shape than he thought it would be with three guys living there, the landlord, Remy, played by Sons of Anarchy’s Jeff Kober, gives them a break for having four people living there.  Jess convinces him to fix things around the apartment while he is there.  Jess quickly becomes Remy’s confidant.  Nick suggests to Jess that Remy wants to sleep with her, to which she says he is wrong and that Nick only sees the bad in people.  Nick lets her know that she is completely naive.

Schmidt confides his concerns with his boss to CeCe and she tells him to just make a move and take what he wants.  While CeCe is there, Winston finds Schmidt’s 2007 New Years resolutions list and shares it with everyone, which included gems like “find cocoon that will release my butterfly” and “steal Winston’s sparkle”.   Schmidt decides to make his move and tries to do his boss in the parking garage.  Security mistakes it for an attack and takes him down instead.

The Landlord

Jess, Nick and Remy have dinner.  Nick feels the need to be there to ensure Remy doesn’t take advantage of Jess.  Remy brings his own version of moonshine.  There is an awkward moment in which Remy and Nick bond over their broken hearts.  Remy goes to the bathroom and then comes out without his pants on.  When Jess asks what happened to his pants, he says that he believes they are there for a threesome.  Even Nick didn’t see that coming, but he still gloats about being right, which makes Jess call his bluff on going through with the threesome.

Moving into the bedroom things get really weird to which Remy says that everyone just needs to keep talking to one another to keep things moving.  He then puts on Talking Heads to get everyone in the mood, I was starting to giggle at this point and by the time Remy starts massaging Nick and telling him what he’s going to do to him I was rolling.  All of this continues while Jess keeps dancing awkwardly to the music that Remy put on.  When she suggests that Nick will make a great “Underpants Captain” for Remy I was in tears.  To my chagrin the scene had to end with Jess admitting she can’t go through with it when she and Nick get ready to kiss.

Schmidt’s situation with his boss concludes with him showing her his 2007 resolution list, that includes her as masturbation material, which is meant to be some sort of odd flattery.  When she tells him to go to the conference room for the call to Tokyo, he takes it as innuendo.  Schmidt promptly undresses upon arrival in the conference room and climbs onto the table in his boxer briefs, at which time we are made privy to the fact that there is a video conference with Tokyo and Schmidt is the unwitting star of the video.

The episode ends with an awkward moment on the elevator between Remy, Jess and Nick in which Remy lets the other two know his door is always open.

There were redeeming factors to this episode, they just came so late in the show that I couldn’t appreciate it as a whole so much as a couple of funny moments.  It was still an improvement  over last week’s episode though.  And so I still watch….and wait.

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