Have no fear, Greendale fans!  The study group will once again come back to the airwaves March 15 at 8pm ET, in news that was announced from show creator Dan Harmon yesterday via tweet (what a world we live in).
The half-hour comedy was pulled from the air after low ratings in late Fall 2011, and an indeterminate hiatus left many fans nervous about the show’s future.  Luckily it seems the rest of season three will be aired, though no news yet on whether the little-comedy-that-could will reappear for a fourth season.
The downside for comedy fans is that Community‘s return will mean a five week break for NBC’s other comedy, Parks and Recreation, which will come back sometime in April to close out its season.
Knowing Community‘s knack for for being self-referential, it will be interesting to see if they manage to sneak any gags about their “break” into this upcoming season.  We have only a few weeks to find out!

"Troy and Abed on the aaaaaair!"
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