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Movie Review: SAFE HOUSE

I was really excited to see Safehouse. It had everything that I’m looking for in a movie.

Awesome song in the trailer: Check

Denzel Washington playing a genius bad guy: Check

Ryan Reynolds as Washington’s counterpart: Not sold right away but intrigued.

The movie jumps right in, giving you little time to figure out the back stories of the main characters. Immediately, Washington is thrown into the fire of agents finding him, and the tone is set for an action packed, gun filled movie.
And that’s exactly what it ended up being. This would prove to be both a good thing and a bad thing. The entire movie revolves around the CIA’s effort to get Washington’s character, Tobin Frost, who is a rogue agent who has been sharing government secrets to foreign agents for years.

Frost gets thrown into the custody of Matt Weston, played by Ryan Reynolds, who manages a safe house in South Africa. Weston shows a desire to get involved in the action, and he gets exactly what he may or may not have looking for when their house is raided by a team looking to get Frost.

After narrowly escaping the hit, the two go on a car chase that was very reminiscent of the chases in the Bourne franchise. From there, they are constantly looking over their shoulders, getting into countless encounters with agents who always have then on the run.

The movie is based around these confrontations, and here in lies the main problem with the movie: the camera work in these scenes. Clearly thought out and impressive fight choreography is overshadowed and ruined at times by camera work that is too jerky and very close to the action, so much so that it’s hard to tell what is going on at times. Add in the sea of punching noises, and you have a flawed yet entertaining still set of fight scenes.

In between these scenes we find a variety of twists and traitors that makes for an intriguing side plot, as the viewer decides who, if anyone, is who they say they are. The story telling is quite impressive, and you find yourself torn much as Weston is as he slowly realizes how corrupt the world that he is in really is.

Overall, Safehouse is an entertaining movie. Washington is fantastic as he always is, pulling a few laugh-out-loud badass moves, while Reynolds provides a journey of his own that is fun to ride along with. When you add on the fight scenes, which while less than perfect, are still fun to watch, and you have a movie that won’t go down as an all-time classic, but will provide you with a fun movie going experience.

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