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Movie Review: CHRONICLE

Chronicle is a film about three high school teenagers that receive superpowers. Andrew is somewhat of an outcast student in high school but one lucky night, his cousin Matt draws him out to a party where he meets Steve Montgomery. The three of these high school students find something special that one fateful night. They gain such a power that their fates are forever intertwined. These three friends grow together in ways unimaginable in the human sense. Eventually, this power brings a struggle between the group when one proves stronger than the rest. All hell breaks lose eventually effecting others outside the trio.

I went into it not know a whole lot and ended up really enjoying it. What the filmmakers are able to pull off in this film is unbelievable. With a $15 million budget they put together a film that has a look of a $115 million dollar budget. Once these kids develop their skills far enough, they teach themselves to fly. The flying scenes in this film were some of the best I have ever seen before.

The only thing I could say negatively about this film is that they never really explain how these three teens actually receive these powers. You get to see them enter into the mysterious hole where they are suddenly embodied with these telekinesis powers but there is no real explanation of why and how this actually occurred.

Overall, Chronicle is a surprising hit! I honestly can’t wait to see this film again in the near future. Chronicle stars Michael B. Jordan, Michael Kelly, Alex Russell, Dane DeHaan and was directed by Josh Trank.

I would highly suggest this film to anyone who has even a slight interest in seeing it!

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