JOHN CARTER Fan Made Trailer and Poster

John Carter of Mars is one of the most influential science fiction stories of all time. Its impact can be felt in Star Wars, Star Trek, Avatar, and basically any modern science fiction tale. This is the story that started it all. Yet, Disney’s John Carter could be one of the biggest flops of all time if it continues on it’s current path. It’s not tracking well with audiences, they’re apathetic to the trailers, billboards, posters – everything!

Finally, fans of the original series have decided to come out of the woodwork to help this struggling campaign and they’re doing a fantastic job.

Hopko Designs, who did a great Elf poster around Christmas, has just released their John Carter poster:

This definitely gives a better sense of film and themes, especially when compared to the official posters released by the studio.

Fans from The John Carter Files have also contributed their skills to create a new trailer. Using just footage that has already been included in trailers, they were able to create a promo that actually makes people want to see the movie. Personally, I wasn’t interested in seeing John Carter until this trailer and the early reviews came out praising it for amazing visuals and an interesting story. While previous trailers highlighted the visuals and the scope of the world they created for this movie, they did nothing to portray that there would be an engaging story to go along with it.

Watch the fan made trailer here:

Sometimes, it just takes the passion of the fans themselves to sell it to other people.

Given these fan made promos, will you watch John Carter when it lands in theaters on March 9?

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