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Comics Corner Issue #11

Welcome one and all to Comics Corner Issue #11 where this week we take a look at the second half of The Ultimates. Last time we met Hank Pym had lost control and beat his wife and Bruce Banner had lost control, killing hundreds as The Hulk in New York City. If Vol 1 was the wind up, Vol 2 is definetly the swing that firmly launches the concept of The Ultimates. Although as individuals, the members of S.H.I.E.L.D’s  dream team have the ability to tear the whole  thing apart from within, The Ultimates and the human race have a much bigger threat headed their way.

The Ultimates Vol 2: Homeland Security

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Bryan Hitch

If being thawed out from a block of ice in which he was encased since 1945 wasn’t enough of a head spin for Steve “Captain America” Rogers. He is about to find out that the Nazi’s he faced off against, were actually being aided by an alien race named The Skrull. Now if your a Marvel fan or you’re just down with the universe The Skrull will need no introduction. But for those out of the loop, heres the quick skinny on them. They’re hostile, from another world and possess the ability to shape-shift. All of this and more makes itself evident in Homeland Security, as the first Ultimates assignment post Hulk meltdown revolves around these Space Invaders. Now im not going to go too much into detail regarding the clash of these Titans, because otherwise it wouldn’t be worth reading, if you havent already that is.

However if your keeping up you will know just how awesome some of the set pieces and action segments are. Once again hat’s off to Bryan Hitch for his wonderful art work. But I must also applaud Millar too, if you recall in volume 1 I was a little bit irked by some of his choices but he more than makes up for it here. Granted there isn’t much room to juggle the main crux of the story and any major character development. But Vol 2 has more than it’s fair share of bad ass moments, one of which (and a personal favourite of mine) includes a rather unorthodox and “free falling” tactic used to provoke the Hulk. But one of Millars greatest achievements here is actually making Captain America interesting. I’ve always found Cap to be a pretty boring, cookie cutter type who never really had any charisma or character to him. But here we get a glimpse of a angrier, more selfish Steve Rogers and that makes for an interesting, more multi dimensional leader.

Next Issue the saga continues! We move on with The Ultimates 2 – Vol 1: Gods and Monsters and after seing the property catapulted here I am excited to sink my teeth into the next installment. As always if you’ve been reading along, let me know what your thoughts on Homeland Security are. If you havent been reading along I’d love to know what it is you have been checking out and if you have any recommendations to share. And on that note comic fans whatever it is your reading, enjoy and I shall see you here next week.


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