BRAKE Trailer – Buried on Steroids

I just watched the trailer for Brake, a new Stephen Dorff film from Director Gabe Torres.  Yes, I said Stephen Dorff film.  I know what you’re thinking, but his acting really looks impressive in the trailer, though I’m not quite sold on the movie.  It is very reminiscent of Buried, which I was terribly surprised turned out to be an excellent film.   If one actor that I have lukewarm feelings about  (Ryan Reynolds)  can knock my socks off, why not another in the same scenario?  Maybe Stephen Dorff does his best work under pressure, as Brake was filmed in only eleven days!  It is an intense, high-stakes thriller in which a Secret Service Agent is trapped in a plexiglass coffin in the trunk of a car by terrorists intent on finding out the secret location of the president and vice president’s underground bunker, their very own panic room.  It seems that the stakes are in fact much higher in this film than they ever were in Buried with a lot more action and  dangerous elements added in the form of bugs being released in the trunk, physical abuse inflicted by some exceptionally rough driving and, oh yeah, the car he’s in is actually a car bomb.  Watch the trailer below and see what you think.

One difference in Brake is that it looks like we aren’t asked to put all our faith on Dorff’s presence alone, but we will see s few other familiar faces, like that of none other than Tom Berenger.  Based on the trailer I am excited to see what Dorff has to offer in this action flick, not to mention watching to see how much emoting Berenger is actually able to do these days. Who knows, maybe I’ll be surprised by this one too, stranger things have happened.  One thing I loved so much about Buried was (again, shocking to me) how impressive Ryan Reynolds’ ability to carry  the entire movie by himself was, as well as how it kept me intrigued and in suspense every second.  It looks like we are getting more outside elements in Brake.  We’ll see if this helps or hinders the film after its release on VOD February 17 and limited release on March 23.

P.S.  I can’t help but share this.  I highly recommend Buried to anyone, even, or maybe especially, Ryan Reynolds detractors.  I was not a big fan of his before seeing it, and really haven’t been since, but I will always respect Reynolds’ acting ability after seeing his performance in Buried and truly feel he and his team on the film got a raw deal not getting much more recognition for this piece.

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