Best Commercials of 2012 Super Bowl

The 2012 Super Bowl has come and gone. Whether you care if the New York Giants won or not, the commercials are usually the highlight of the night. This year I was not overly impressed. I have chosen a few of my favorites below. Tell me what you think and if you think I have left any out.


Hulu – Will Arnett

Honda CRV – Matthew Broderick

Pepsi – Elton John

M&M – sexy and i know it

Chrysler – Clint Eastwood

Bud Light – Rescue Dog



Like I said, I was not overly impressed with the commercials this year. My favorite would have to be the Honda CRV Matthew Broderick (Ferris Bueller) commercial directed by Todd Phillips. I am just such a huge Ferris Bueller’s Day Off fan so of course I was ecstatic to see Broderick slide back into the iconic role.  A close second is the awesome commercial from Bud Light where the tiny rescue dog fetches beer on command. First, it would be amazing to have a dog that actually did that by just saying a phrase aloud. Second, Bud Light did a good thing by promoting the adoption of rescue dogs. This equals a great commercial in my eyes.

Which commercials from this years’ Super Bowl did you enjoy most? Do you hate any of my picks?

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