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Album Review: Breakfast by Chiddy Bang

Hipster Hop, back-pack rappers and colourful alternatives, these are just a few of the labels that have been attributed to duo Chiddy Bang over the last couple of years. Although a number of those caps certainly fit, there is more to Chidera Anamege and Noah “Xaphoon” Jones than a set number of boxes to tick. This has been ever-present right from the start but with their debut studio album the pair had the perfect platform to prove this. However although fun and enjoyable, Breakfast does nothing to further the abilities or style of Chiddy Bang as a collective. It’s an album that fit’s within the confines of their previous work, yet lacks it’s sting.

Despite less sampling from the alt/indie world, the tone of Xaphoon’s beats are the same. He keeps things light, fluffy and nimble for the most part and in places Breakfast turns up some real catchy crackers too. Tracks like “Mind Your Manners”, “Ray Charles” and “Whatever We Want” are definetly on a par with their best material, but it’s the moments which dont shine so bright that lets the album down. For me a lot of tracks on Breakfast lack excitement and punctuation, some of which even come across as mediocre at best. Which is a shame because off the back of The Swelly Express and The Preview a debut album from these guys had me excited.

Although it’s by no means a massive step backwards, Breakfast is an album stuck in neutral when it could have easily gone up a gear or two. Although somewhat dissapointed by the overall product, there is still some really good moments scattered throughout. Chiddy Bang are still definetly an interesting duo and they are definetly an act I’ll be keeping my eye on. I just hope their future endeavours move them further forward than this.

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