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TV Recap: Shameless Season 2 Episode 1

The second season of Shameless premiered Sunday January 8, 2012 with much anticipation. The first season of the US version of the show was highly acclaimed by many critics and even earned Joan Cusack an Emmy nomination.

Oh where to begin with this episode. The Gallagher’s are alive and well this go around with a change of season; it is summer time in Chicago’s South Side Canaryville neighborhood.

Lip and Ian seem to be running some underground fight club to much dismay it appears; Lip is standing in for one of his fighters and takes quite the beating.

Fiona is of course working many jobs and seems to have multiple love interests this go around. With Steve run off, Fiona has no problem dating around. She spends her nights bar tending then gallivanting with the boyfriend of choice for the evening.

Debbie is starting to assume a more managerial role for the family. We see little Debbie with a clipboard in hand and the days itinerary of tasks spewing from her mouth. The Gallagher’s now run a children’s day care from their living room, mostly handled by Debbie while Fiona sleeps upstairs.

Frank  is up to his usual ways of alcoholism, living off of Sheila, and running his mouth. This episode he bets a rather large man $10,000 that he couldn’t take two hits from a taser and still be standing. Needless to say, Frank loses the bet and mayhem ensues, eventually causing the entire Gallagher clan to rally against the man who has taken their little brother Liam as collateral.

Veronica and Kevin, the ever so helpful neighbors, run into a few problems of their own. Kevin decides to grow many more than usual pot plants in the basement of The Alibi, the bar his father has own and ran for 40 years. Veronica finds out and enlists the hands of the Gallagher’s to rid them of the illegal substances, much to everyone’s dismay. They introduced us to Kevin’s father that owns the bar in this episode. He lives upstairs of the bar and seems to have began slipping into very old age. I bet they extend this story line a bit throughout the season.

Shelia has continued to beat her agoraphobia by talking more steps outside her house each day on her daily walks. Seems like Frank may be losing his number one mooch spot.

Karen is now in a sex addicts anonymous where she has met a 37-year-old biker fellow that strikes her fancy. She seems like she may still slip into her old ways with Lip here and there and even helps out Lip and Kevin with their ice cream truck business where they do more than just sell ice cream.

Kash is still living his life in fear of his wife and just wants to be done with her. We see him leaving his convenient store begging Ian to give him at least an hour head start before telling his wife that he has split.

Overall, pretty decent first episode. It gives us an update of each character and even starts a few initial story lines that I am sure will come to blossom throughout the rest of the second season. Shameless airs Sunday’s on  Showtime at 9pm ET.

Watch the promo for Shameless Season 2 Episode 2:


What did you think of the first episode in the new season?

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